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Artist's concept of the bloostar upper stages firiing

Reaching space in a balloon may sound like something out of a children’s book, but Spain’s zero2infinity company doesn't think so. The Barcelona-based company specializes in near-space balloon flights for scientific and engineering clients, and is working on a nanosatellite launch vehicle called bloostar, which uses a high-altitude balloon as a first stage and rockets for reaching orbit.  Read More

Casa GG, by Alventosa Morell Arquitectes (Photo: Adrià Goula)

Spain's Alventosa Morell Arquitectes recently completed work on a prefabricated energy-efficient residence that's located in the Montseny mountain range, to the north-west of Barcelona. Named Casa GG, the home was built in just four months – however this fact belies the impressive effort that went into studying how best to minimize energy-use before construction even began.  Read More

Ferrari Land is expected to open in 2016 inside the PortAventura theme park located outsid...

Car brand marketing usually means slapping a badge on a tote bag and asking a thousand dollars for it, but Ferrari has gone one better by applying its badge to not one, but two theme parks. Ferrari and PortAventura Entertainment S.A.U have signed an agreement to build a second Ferrari-themed park, Ferrari Land, as part of the PortAventura resort and theme park outside Barcelona, Spain. Expected to open in 2016, the 7.5 ha (18.5 acre) site is billed as “an opportunity for the whole family to experience and discover the world of Ferrari.”  Read More

Espinar House offers a modern take on the traditional cabin in the woods (Photo: Miguel de...

In May of this year, Spanish architect Miguel de Guzmán completed a residential property located in rural Spain. Dubbed "Espinar House," the property echoes the classic theme of a lone cabin in the woods, but features a touch of modernity in the form of a translucent polycarbonate exterior, a rooftop garden, and an inexpensive chipboard interior.  Read More

'1001 Nights' private dwelling by architects A-Cero

Madrid-based A-Cero architects are a big deal in Spain with public and residential projects across the country plus South America and the Middle East. Lead architect and principal Joaquin Torres is bit of a celebrity and recently appeared on Spanish TV's equivalent of "The Secret Millionaire" (giving away money of course, not receiving it). Unashamedly modernist, the A-Cero house style generally involves sweeping curved gestures in gleaming white. With the latest residential project however, Joaquin seems to have embraced the dark side and produced a dwelling of such stunning brutality and "otherness" that it could easily be an alien fortress on a distant planet. We love it. It's also one of the few buildings that actually looks good illuminated by multi-colored LEDs.  Read More

An experimental new direct solar steam generation power plant generates electricity by usi...

When most of us think of sunlight being used to generate power, we likely picture photovoltaic cells. Concentrated solar power plants however, use lenses or mirrors to heat fluid – such as synthetic oil – which in turn is used to generate high-pressure steam to drive a conventional turbine. A new experimental solar steam generation power plant that opened last week in southern Spain is aiming to improve on the efficiency of existing systems by using water as the direct working fluid and incorporating novel methods for storing the energy, so it can be dispensed even on cloudy days or at night.  Read More

Wind Power in Spain 	
 Image: Emmanuel Boutet via Wikimedia Commons

Wind Turbines in the north west of Spain set a new record for power generation on March 5th as gales blew across the country, with more than 40% of the country's energy needs being generated by wind turbines. The new record stands at a peak of 11,180 megawatts (11.18 GW) of electricity supply beating the previous record of 10,032 megawatts. The percentage of demand supplied depends on time of day as demand rises and falls throughout the day.  Read More

A WorldWater supplied PV System at the  1mW Cerro Cosa Community College system in Califor...

December 17, 2007 A new three MW commercial solar farm is being proposed in Spain as part of a larger plan to build plants capable of supplying 130 MW of energy over five years.  Read More

Archaeologists reconstruct life in the Bronze Age at a site of Southern Spain

June 6, 2007 Researchers from the Group of Recent Prehistory Studies (GEPRAN) at the Universidad de Granada have been working since 1974 on reconstructing what daily life was like on the Iberian Peninsula in the Bronze Age. Archaeologists have been working on the site of the Motilla del Azuer, in the Southern province of Ciudad Real, in search of the necessary information to reconstruct daily life in this little-known historical period.  Read More

Citroen Reigns In Spain!

March 27, 2006 Citroen may not be officially competing in this year’s World Rally Championship but it’s hard to tell. Wearing Kronos Total Citroen colours, Sebastien Loeb/Daniel Elena and Dani Sordo/Marc Marti completed a faultless and trouble-free third day of the Catalunya Rally in order to give Citroen a 1-2 win in Spain and extend Citroen and Loeb’s leads in both the drivers’ and manufacturers’ title chases for the 2006 World Rally Championship. It was the reigning World Champions’ second consecutive win in Spain, and the 22nd of their joint career. This puts Loeb just four wins away from Carlos Sainz’s record of 26 victories, while Daniel Elena is just two wins away from the co-drivers’ record of 24 wins, held by Luis Moya. Loeb and Elena have now extended their 2006 championship lead to nine points, while the Xsara chalks up its 26th triumph.  Read More

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