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Sony's MH907 earphones automatically pause music to answer the phone

By - September 23, 2009 2 Pictures
Most mobile phones these days also feature MP3 players, allowing you to listen to your favorite music in-between calls. With Sony Ericsson's new MH907 earbuds attached to your compatible phone, all you need do to pause the music and take a call is remove them from your ears. Put one of the buds back in your ear and start your conversation. Remove again to end the conversation, then replace both buds to start the music again. No more buttons to press, simple. Read More
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Sony Ericsson’s PS3 Remote Play-ready Aino mobile phone

By - September 12, 2009 4 Pictures
Sony Ericsson’s new Aino mobile phone lets users access media content on their PS3 via Wi-Fi or over the Internet with a feature called Remote Play. PSP owners may already be familiar with this feature, which allows users to remotely access their PS3’s XMB interface and play music, videos and photos stored on the console. Although the PSP is also capable of playing (a few) games using Remote Play, the Aino won’t have this capability, but it will let users browse the Playstation Store and chat with friends on PSN. Read More
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Mobile makers agree on standard micro-USB charger for Europe

By - June 30, 2009 1 Picture
Are your cupboards full of old phone chargers? They seem to accumulate with every new mobile, and are rarely useful again. Hoping to change this wasteful scenario, the European Union have proposed – and ten leading manufacturers agreed to – a new standard that will see micro-USB charging devices used for all data-enabled mobile phones. The hope is that, within three to four years, mobiles and chargers will be sold separately in Europe, and they’ll all be compatible. Read More
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Quick click access to mobile services

By - May 5, 2009 5 Pictures
It’s not only that mobile phones are enormously powerful communication tools – it's the highly personal way we use and customise them that is emerging and catching the attention of mobile operators. Australian communications giant Telstra is one that has seen the need to simplify how we access mobile services, launching a new mobile user interface – called TelstraOne Experience – that lets its customers access their favourite applications and services with one click. Read More
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WildCharge expands wireless charging compatibility with new Universal Adapter

By - April 8, 2009 3 Pictures
Boosted by the buzz surrounding wire-free charging at CES earlier this year, solutions for powering up portable devices without the hassle of messy cords and multiple chargers are making the transition from curious concept to viable consumer product. One of the obvious problems with the early examples of this kind of technology was that each solution is tailored to a particular device, but now early mover WildCharge has released a Universal Adapter for Cell Phones which works with multiple devices across multiple brands. Read More
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The Android handset war begins in 2009

By - March 16, 2009 2 Pictures
While Apple's iPhone has enjoyed enormous success using a highly controlled, locked-down handset, operating system and application store, Google's touchscreen smartphone platform takes the opposite approach. Android is a completely open-source operating system, meaning that developers can write whatever abilities they want into it - and Google doesn't make or recommend any particular handsets. The HTC Dream (AKA the T-Mobile G1) gave Android a start in the market - but several big-name competitors are working on Android smartphones to be released sometime this year. The battle for Android handset supremacy is about to begin - let's take a look at the challengers. Read More
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Sony Ericsson T303 slider phone

By - March 4, 2008 5 Pictures
March 5, 2008 Sony Ericsson has unveiled its new T303 handset. Pitched at a "style-conscious audience", the compact (83 x 47 x 14.7 mm) slider phone design features a chrome finished metal housing and 1.8 inch mirrored screen as well as covering the stock-standard functionality bases with Bluetooth™, FM radio and media player, Internet and built-in camera (though the latter is a little light on megapixels - 1.3 - by today's standards). Read More
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Sony Ericsson announce new HSPA ExpressCards

By - February 11, 2008 4 Pictures
February 12, 2008 Sony Ericsson has launched their first HSPA 7.2/2.0 devices with the ExpressCard/34 form factor, the EC400 and EC400g. Both mobile broadband ExpressCards fit a laptop’s ExpressCard slot to give instant wireless Internet access. The EC400 and EC400g incorporate HSPA technology, allowing upload data at rates of up to 2.0 Mb/s and download speeds of up to 7.2 Mb/s. Additionally, the EC400g is equipped with an inbuilt GPS receiver, which automatically shows the user’s current location on Google Maps or similar service or can feed into any other location-based service. Read More
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Latest Walkman phone provides 8GB music storage

By - February 10, 2008 2 Pictures
February 11, 2008 In more news from Sony Ericsson, the latest addition to Walkman line has been unveiled. Available in Q3 of this year, the W980 Walkman phone boasts distortion free stereo sound and 8GB of internal memory (or up to 8000 songs) in a clamshell "Walkman on Top" design that replicates the Walkman controls on the outside of the phone for quick navigation through your music library. Read More

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