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Axis Gear helps lower home energy use by raising window shades

Many smart home devices are designed to remotely control various aspects of living areas, with an added benefit of energy savings. One of the latest home automation products achieves those savings in a way that, so far, has been largely overlooked. Designed with mobile connectivity in mind and powered by solar panels, Axis Gear motorizes and automates home window shades, blinds, or curtains.Read More


Ultra-efficient SURE HOUSE wins the 2015 Solar Decathlon

The US Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon has been run and won for 2015. It’s a nationwide contest between collegiate teams to see who can build the most attractive, cost-effective and efficient solar home. Fourteen teams duked it out for this year’s competition, and the winning team from the Stevens Institute of Technology drew inspiration from Hurricane Sandy to create a sustainable, solar coastal home that opens up for entertaining in summertime but locks down to resist severe weather damage in the winter – and uses some 90 percent less energy than a typical home.Read More


WaterStillar readies roll-out of scaleable solar water distiller

In a bid to help bring greater access to clean drinking water to the developing world, WaterStillar has created a solar-distillation system designed to produce clean drinking water from almost any source. Conceived as a cheap, efficient, modular system that can be scaled up to produce thousands of liters per day, Water Works is installed with no upfront costs and requires minimal maintenance or training to operate.Read More


Tough teardrop caravan offers cozy off-road comfort

Colorado-based outdoor enthusiast Britton Purser has teamed up with his two younger brothers to create a series of lightweight teardrop caravans tough enough to take off road. The Vintage Overland teardrops weigh about 700 lb and provide the makings for a quick and easy getaway, offering shelter for two adults or, with a few additions, even a family of four.Read More


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