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Health & Wellbeing

Is social media keeping you awake?

New research apparently confirms a phenomenon that many of us may have already suspected: excessive exposure to social media can disrupt sleep patterns. The conclusion comes from a study by a team at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, which found that the longer young adults spend on social media, the more likely they are to have the quality of their sleep compromised.Read More


Tips and tricks to get more from Facebook

Facebook opened its doors beyond academic institutions back in 2006, and it's changed a lot in those nine years. Mark Zuckerberg and his huge team of engineers are continually adding new features and tools to the site and the mobile apps, so you might not have come across everything that Facebook has to offer – follow these tips and tricks to get right up to speed again.Read More

Mobile Technology

Tips and tricks to get more from Twitter

It may languish in the shadow of the Facebook behemoth, but with Twitter claiming over 300 million active users and 500 million tweets being sent a day, it's no social media slouch. Indeed, there are many things that Twitter does better than anything else: such as breaking news alerts, keeping in touch with celebs, and so on. To help you boost your own Twitter skills we've collected the best tips and tricks to help you navigate the Twitterverse.Read More

Mobile Technology

New app dishes 3D pictures of food

One thing that members of social networks love is pictures of food – especially on visual platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. With an eye on this appetizing market, Swiss company Dacuda is launching 3DAround. It's a mobile app for iPhone that allows users to take 3D photographs, which will make online food-gazers salivate even more. Read More

Digital Cameras

Polaroid's Socialmatic camera edges closer to production

ADR Studio first revealed the Socialmatic concept design back in 2012. A year later Polaroid announced that the chunky photo sharing and printing camera would hit stores by the close of 2014. When Gizmag visited the company's booth at Photokina, that shipping target looks to have been refined again, with a possible "in time for the holidays" window being replaced by a probable Q1 2015 release.Read More


Skyteboard drone aims to bring neighbors closer together

When we have unmanned aerial vehicles zipping about delivering school textbooks and burritos, drones that bring neighborhoods closer together doesn't sound like the most radical idea. But combining them with a social network could have impacts beyond enabling more efficient shipping services, at least in the eyes of software and robotics company Fatdoor. This week it launched a crowdfunding campaign for Skyteboard, an internet-connected quadcopter designed to take community spirit to the next level. Read More


Kidpost enables technophobic friends and family to enjoy your baby pics

Though websites like Facebook have made sharing baby photos with friends and family as easy as a few clicks of a mouse, this tends to leave people who are less computer-savvy (and those who just don't want a social networking presence) out of the loop. Enter Kidpost, a service that automatically scans your Instagram and Facebook feeds for your kid-related images, then compiles and sends them out in a daily email to a subscription list of your own making. Read More


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