Italian electric dirtbikes pack 2WD capability and ingenious smartphone dash displays

These two off-road electrics from Italy's Armotia bring some serious new chops to the table – for starters, two-wheel drive for extra traction on hill climbs and loose surfaces. But perhaps more interestingly, they're the first motorcycles to ditch the standard dash and replace it with a rugged, waterproof smartphone. That gives the bike access to inbuilt GPS, data connectivity, Bluetooth, a whole bunch of telemetry and other sensors, data storage, an unlimited range of display options, and easy recording and sharing of front and rear video from your rides. What a great idea! That could prove to be a revolutionary shift in the motorcycle business.Read More


Father.IO turns the world into a laser tag playground

The latest real-life take on laser tag uses augmented reality, a small infrared peripheral, and your smartphone's Internet capabilities to put you at war with people both in your area and around the world. Touted as a real-life, massively multiplayer first-person shooter game, Father.IO turns your phone into a virtual weapon.Read More


Off-grid device keeps you connected when your network can’t

Areas devoid of wireless service, or events where too many users overload the network, could become less of a connectivity issue with the recent launch of the Beartooth. Working on a sub 1 GHz bandwidth, the device is claimed to turn your smartphone into an off-grid network that enables users to talk, text and find their friends on maps where cellular service and Wi-Fi connections are non-existent.Read More


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