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— Digital Cameras

SnapJet prints photos straight from your smartphone's screen

By - November 19, 2014 3 Pictures
Say what you will about the low cost and easy sharability of digital photos, sometimes it's nice to have an actual physical print that you can hold onto or tack up. That said, you likely don't want to carry an instant camera with you everywhere you go. Well, that's where the SnapJet comes in. It's a small device that scans a photo displayed on your smartphone's screen, and reproduces it on Polaroid or Fuji film. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Starwood plans to make hotel check-in desks a thing of the past

By - November 5, 2014 1 Picture
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc has begun the process of implementing an innovative smartphone-based system that will allow customers to check-in and access their hotel room via an easy-to-use mobile application. It is hoped that the convenience of the SPG Keyless system will eventually do away with the hassle and tedium inextricably associated with the traditional hotel check-in desk. Read More

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