The Candle Charger can power your phone in a blackout

When the power goes out, modern life is thrown into disarray. But thanks to a new Kickstarter project you may not have to worry about your smartphone dying before the electricity comes back on. The Candle Charger is described as an "indoor power plant for smartphones," providing USB charging capabilities with just a candle and five ounces of water.Read More

Mobile Technology

Chevy gives smartphones their own air conditioning vent

Hot cars and smartphones don't mix. It’s not uncommon for our phones to be warm to the touch during summer months, especially when charging them up or using them for intensive tasks like navigation. This can slow down your phone’s processor and suck the life out of your battery, or even do permanent damage. To help combat the issue, Chevy is introducing an "industry first" Active Phone Cooling feature.Read More

Digital Cameras

Olympus Air A01 turns your smartphone into a mirrorless camera

Olympus has announced its Air A01 add-on camera for smartphones, which turns your Android or iOS device into a very capable mirrorless camera, will be getting a wider release and heading to the US. Previously only available in Japan, the Olympus Air A01 is a smartphone-controlled camera similar to the Sony QX1, but features a Micro Four Thirds lens mount with a matching 16-megapixel sensor and is an open platform for developers.Read More


3-D ultrasonic fingerprint scanning could strengthen smartphone security

Researchers at the University of California, Davis and Berkeley have managed to miniaturize low-depth ultrasound technology to create a fingerprint sensor that can scan your finger in 3D. This low-power technology, which could improve on the robustness of current-generation capacitive scanners, could soon find its way to our smartphones and tablets.Read More


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