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Ecogroomer greatly increases the surface area covered by the average groomer

The Ecogroomer is a new grooming solution for ski slopes that aims to cut fuel consumption and costs. The system consists of augmentative grooming units that make standard groomers more efficient than ever before.  Read More

Skiing comes to Beverly Hills

Typically when we think of indoor skiing, it's in the form of massive, resource-intensive indoor ski resorts like the Skipark 360 being built in Sweden. German company SkyTec Interactive offers a more streamlined type of indoor skiing: simulated ski training on ski-based exercise equipment with virtual slopes. SkyTec debuted its first public facility in the United States this month.  Read More

The  spectacular Skipark 360 - set to be the largest indoor ski resort in the world (image...

Sweden's CF Møller Architects has just signed off on the new and spectacular Skipark 360°- set to be the largest indoor ski resort in the world. The winter park will house the only indoor ski slope to meet the requirements for hosting the World Cup, measuring 700 meters (2,297 feet) long and with a drop of 160 meters (525 feet). With an impressive height close to 135 meters (443 feet), the sporting facility will create a striking landmark, positioned in a forest located in Balsta, 45 minutes outside Stockholm.  Read More

Ski resort safety and personal performance tracking system

April 26, 2007 Keep track of your kids on the slopes - or compete for top-speed snowboard bragging rights with a tiny and very affordable device in your pocket. Snowsports Interactive is perfecting their Flaik GPS-based safety, performance and asset management platform for ski resorts, and will launch the system in Australia and Canada with the start of each hemisphere's 2007 ski season.  Read More

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