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Road registerable driving simulator

November 15, 2005 Major automotive shows are a never-ending source of innovation fodder, as manufacturers manifest the ideas they’ve been working on into concept cars and carefully monitor, segment and learn from the public’s reaction. The SEMA show in Las Vegas seems to go a step further, with some outrageous ideas taking on showroom form though they’re never likely to ever become more than limited edition customs – these cars are designed to showcase capabilities and though they often seem remarkably indulgent, sometimes, they strike a chord and a whole new automotive concept materialises. Such is the case with this open-air, fully-drivable speedster concept from Five Axis and Scion (one of Toyota’s spin-off brands). It is a drivable driving simulator. Drive it somewhere, flip the hood, which hinges forward to create a screen, then light up the headrest mounted Casio XJ-560 video projector to create a two-seat video game peripheral for the car’s internal Microsoft XBOX 360 video game system. More than two drivers can be accommodated as the perspex nacelles behind the headrests pop open to reveal two 19” Samsung LCD screens. Last year at SEMA, the same folks created the xB mobile DJ vehicle. Manufacturers have been circling the entertainment on wheels concept for several years, with another notable concept being Honda's Fuya Jo.  Read More

Warfighter Simulation program provides training for battle command

May 24, 2005 As computers become more powerful and simulation software becomes more realistic, America's technological leadership will push its military capability far beyond its current dominance to a new level of sophistication. Once regarded as a past-time for nerds and geeks, simulation software is becoming so advanced that it is training a new generation of command to make good decisions in the heat of battle. Lockheed Martin's computer-based Warfighter Simulation program WARSIM was last week selected as one of the US Department of Defense's Top Five Software Projects by a panel of government and industry judges. WARSIM is a computer-based constructive simulation and the Army's next generation command and control training environment.  Read More

Real-time Professional Golf Simulator for the home

May 11, 2005 Technological progress is being lavished on the science of golf at such a rate that it’s almost hard to keep up. In the last month we’ve featured the ingenious Top Swing Golf Robot and the even-more-ingenious iClub wireless motion capture system and now we have the ProTee Golf Simulator, a state-of-the-art golf simulation system designed for the home. This simulation goes beyond gaming: real clubs and real balls can be used and computing results can be projected onto a large screen. Another new feature is the modular build-up of the system. The basic package is very affordable and can even fit in your living room with only a sensor mat of synthetic grass and the club of your choice. No need to worry about windows: balls are optional.  Read More

P3ProSwing: PC based golf swing simulation

November 20, 2004 P3ProSwing is a golf simulation and swing analyser aimed at giving amateurs easy access to detailed information on their swing characteristics using an existing PC. The system tracks nearly a dozen key swing characteristics, including club speed, swing tempo, attack angle, face angle, swing path and toe and heel heights. Each swing is displayed on the computer's monitor, allowing golfers to view see dramatic virtual views of the ball's 'flight' and a recently introduced projection screen system also enables the set up of a complete indoor virtual golf system.  Read More

Serious Car Racing Simulator

As computer games and graphics head quickly towards highly-detailed realism, we can expect some pretty interesting computer peripherals to be built in coming decades. The genre of computer game which almost everyone can relate to is driving/racing a car plus there's a whole generation of fans out there who absorb every detail of the sport it is emulating - accordingly, car racing is the realism genre which has had the most attention from game developers, and is now so realistic that many genuine elite-level racers learn new circuits prior to setting wheel on them by playing the official games for that particular franchise of racing, such a Formula One, V8 Supercars or MotoGP. Every competitor, car, corner, braking area, trackside marquis ad infinitum is true in detail.  Read More

D-Box Motion Simulation for home theatres

One of the more interesting developments in entertainment technology over the last 12 months has been the D-Box ''motion simulator'' for home theatres, and its development into the gaming arena. The unique, patented D-BOX Odyssee system brings a whole new dimension to entertainment by synchronising the movement of the viewer's seat to the action on screen thanks to four small motorised actuators that sit under the chair/sofa-rising, falling and swaying in perfect time with the on-screen sights and sounds.  Read More

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