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Silynx’s C4Grip puts soldier’s non-trigger fingers to good use

These days guns used by soldiers are more than just a weapon designed to send a high velocity projectile at an enemy. Modern assault rifles also include attachments for flashlights, laser sights and even wireless communications. However, operating these extra capabilities usually means taking a hand of the weapon, which can leave the soldier vulnerable to attack or result in them missing the opportunity for that vital shot. The C4Grip from Silynx is a forward grip that solves this problem by putting extra controls at the user’s fingertips.Read More

Mobile Technology

Special Forces Smart Noise Cancellation Ear Buds with built-In GPS

With more than half the world carrying a mobile phone and some of the best brains in the world focussed on differentiating the next generation of mobile services and functionality, it was interesting to see Silynx’s C4OPS GenNext headset system displayed for the first time at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Florida recently. Most of the functionality does not translate readily to non-combat environments, but what it can do is simply amazing.Read More


QuietOps Tactical Communication Headset with the lot

July 31, 2006 Silynx creates miniature tactical hearing protection communication headsets for the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), US Army, USMC and many of the world’s elite Special Forces. It is operated by a team of experienced former Special Operations personnel worked with the SOF community to develop its new QuietOps Smart Tactical Communication Headset and Ear Protector. The company aims to replace multiple tactical communication headsets with one lightweight system with enhanced functionality, and the software-defined communication headset provides full-spectrum active noise reduction, thus enabling near-normal speech and hearing in the harshest environments. It comes with a dual wireless PTT with Picatinny rail attachment, and seamless will seamlessly integrate with the majority of SOF intercom systems. It has VOX for hands-free operation and offers super-normal hearing and sound localization along with a range of other covert communication functions plus total mask efficiency (no need for throat, boom or bone conduction mics) for complete communication flexibility. Read More


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