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Electronic Shifting Systems

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Campagnolo FINALLY launches electronic shifting system for high-end road bikes

By - November 9, 2011 22 Pictures
For the past couple of years, the only major bicycle parts manufacturer to offer electronic gear shifting has been Shimano, with its Dura-Ace Di2 drivetrain. That changed this Monday, however, as renowned Italian components-maker Campagnolo launched electronic versions of its two highest-end shifter/derailleur groups. The new products are called Record EPS and Super Record EPS, with the tacked-on acronym standing for Electronic Power Shift. Read More
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Shimano's Dura-Ace Di2 electronic shifting to give road racers a time advantage

By - April 8, 2009 5 Pictures
Japanese bike component manufacturer Shimano seems to have the pro-cycling world in a bit of a spin with its newly launched electronic Dura-Ace road racing components. It’s still early days but already the Dura-Ace Di2 – which stands for digital integrated intelligence – is receiving favorable reviews, with talk of significantly slicker, cleaner gear changes and one expert opinion describing the electronic component series as “revolutionary”. Read More

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