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Prototype shelter offers basic home for displaced Nepalese

Efforts to design a safe and affordable home for the world's poorest and most vulnerable people have resulted in some impressive architectural innovation, including the Bamboo Micro House, S House, and Ikea's Better Shelter. The recently-built Temporary Shelter in Nepal is aimed at offering displaced Nepalese a basic but flexible shelter that can be built by a group of unskilled workers within three days.

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Ikea's refugee shelters enter production, 10,000 units planned this year

Designing a viable refugee shelter is one thing, but having the necessary infrastructure in place to make huge numbers of the shelter affordably and transporting it to those in need is quite another. Which is why the news that Ikea has committed to deliver 10,000 units of its flatpack refugee shelter to UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) could potentially prove a big deal. Read More
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Tiny cabin provides off-grid digs in Norway's mountains

The result of a design-build workshop at Bergen's School of Architecture that was headed by OPA Form's Espen Folgerø, the Tubakuba (or Tuba Cube) Mountain Hub is available to anyone to use for one night, for free, but is particularly aimed at families with young kids, in a bid to instill a sense of appreciation for nature in the little ones. It's accessed by a small tunnel that brings to mind something from a fairytale. Read More