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Six-bladed Rolling Razor ups the ante against sharp competition

By - November 2, 2008 1 Picture
If you watch a lot of TV commercials, you could be forgiven for thinking that today's top white-coated science professionals have no higher goal than delivering you and I the perfect shaver. Gillette, having almost reached the logical conclusion of its "more blades = more sales" policy, currently touts the "Fusion Power Phenom" as its flagship stubble eliminator, packing no fewer than FIVE blades, one precision trimmer, 15 microfins and a battery-powered, microchip controlled micropulse generator that improves "razor glide." But Rolling Razor are fighting back with a rubber-grip ring mounted, double tilting headed monster featuring no less than SIX blades mounted in opposing directions so you can shave UP as well as DOWN. Read More
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Razorba - the shaver for backs!

By - December 12, 2005 2 Pictures
December 13, 2005 Stand in front of the mirror when you get up tomorrow morning and you’ll notice more than a few reminders that man descended from the apes – an unhealthy disposition when threatened and a liberal sprinkling of hair are the most obvious. Males of the species range from growing hair on their heads to hair all over their body and personal grooming preferences often necessitate shaving some or all of this hair regularly. We’ve already covered the shaver designed specifically for shaving heads, and now there’s an equally ingenious shaving accessory for shaving your back – until now, everybody has had to employ the indulgence ofa friend to successfully shave their inaccessible regions. Now you need just slip their favourite razor into the Razorba and shave yourself. All of the alternatives have major drawbacks - chemicals (costs, needs volunteer, potential skin irritation), laser treatment (costs muchos, requires appointment), waxing (costs, hurts muchos) are the sum total of ways man has used technology to combat this age-old problem. So you can see why Razorba should be commended for a job well done! Read More
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Gillette introduces a five blade shaving system

By - September 15, 2005 4 Pictures
September 16, 2005 The US$2 billion dollar shaving market was energized yesterday when market-leader Gillette announced it will introduce a five blade razor. Apart from being the first five blade razor, it is the world’s first razor to feature advanced technology on the front AND back of the blade cartridge. On the back of the cartridge is a Precision Trimmer blade enabling the approximately 40% of US males sporting some form of facial hair to trim, shape and shave under their nose. Though Gillette has approximately 70% of the global shaving market, Schick has been making inroads recently with a temporary injunction against false advertising claims by Gillette for its M3Power razor (currently the top selling razor in the U.S.), Gillette’s inability to legally prevent Schick selling its four blade razor by arguing that the patent it holds for three-bladed razors extends to four-bladed razors, and the news a fortnight ago that Schick would introduce a powered model of its four blade razor. Read More
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Waterproof Electric Shaver

By - June 4, 2004 3 Pictures
Type A males will rejoice that it's now possible to use an electric shaver whilst shaving thanks to the latest offering from Braun. Great for multi-tasking, cutting precious minutes off the daily grooming routine and brilliant for creating wow factor at the gym, the fully waterproof Flex XP can be used wet or dry. Read More

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