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Philips leads the marital aid industry out of the Dark Ages

By - September 4, 2009 16 Pictures
Sexual aids have been in use for thousands of years, coming in and out of official favor in different eras and jurisdictions, and indeed, many countries still outlaw them entirely. As our understanding of our sexuality has grown, sex aids have increased in their usage, with more than 40% of European couples already using them and another 35% interested and willing, but reluctant to enter what they perceive as a seedy sex store. Now Philips has created a range of sex toys specifically designed for couples, taking the genre mainstream for the first time. Bravo Philips! Read More
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iPhone Passion app rates your sexual skills

By - July 28, 2009 1 Picture
The iPhone app store ranges from the kinda useful to the utterly ridiculous - and here's an extreme example of the latter. The Passion application rates your sexual performance based on duration, power (as measured by the iPhone's built-in accelerometer) and loudness of orgasm, giving you a score out of 10 for your efforts. You can then compare "high scores" with other couples (or singles) around the world. That's right kids, to be the world's best lover, simply bang away like a jackhammer for 45 minutes, bellowing like a baboon. The ladies looooove that. Read More
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Condometric - the condom that measures the size of your penis

By - November 25, 2008 6 Pictures
November 26, 2008 Madrid-based Curiosite has come up with a product that will surely be one of the novelty hits of 2009. The Condometric is a condom with a measuring ruler printed on the side that will accurately determine the size of the wearer’s penis. Currently in manufacturing, the condom will be available in four flavours (lime, cherry, banana and prophylactic rubber), both metric and imperial measurements (centimetres and inches), and in packs of 3, 6 and 12 (the party pack?). Read More
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The Molecular Condom - vaginal gel releases Anti-HIV drug when exposed to semen

By - December 12, 2006 1 Picture
December 13, 2006 Once likened to “taking a shower with a raincoat on”, the condom may be the safest method of protection during sex, but it significantly detracts from the experience. Last week we featured the spray-on condom designed to offer a better fit but we’re betting that new work being done by University of Utah scientists will get a lot of attention due to its likelihood of overcoming the many shortcomings of the condom. It is in fact a "molecular condom" for use by women. The liquid is vaginally inserted daily and prevents AIDS by turning into a gel-like coating and when exposed to semen, returning to liquid form and releasing an antiviral drug. The ultimate hope for this technology is to protect women and their unborn or nursing children from the AIDS virus, but the molecular condom is five years away from tests in humans and roughly 10 years until it might be in widespread use. Read More
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Sexperience – the world's strongest sex pill?

By - December 10, 2006 3 Pictures
December 11, 2006 What does a rhinoceros horn, a Tiger’s penis, a bar of chocolate, Turtle Eggs, the elements Arginine and Zinc, oysters, and the drug Bremelanotide all have in common. They are all aphrodisiacs, as are a host of other naturally available nutrients such as Ginkgo Biloba, Kava Kava, Asian Ginseng (Panax), Yohimbine (the alkaloid derived from yohimbe bark) and Avena-Sativa/Oat extract. There are many aphrodisiacs found in nature. Some may have rare nutritional compounds that enhance sexuality in unknown ways, while others may fill nutritional gaps. For example, zinc is needed for libido, and a low zinc status is balanced by eating zinc-rich oysters returning zinc levels and sexual prowess to normal. Since time began, herbalists, hucksters, scientists and alchemists have sought the ultimate product, the sure fire aphrodisiac. Now a new non-prescription, all-natural sexual enhancement pill is taking to market claiming it is the world's strongest sex pill. It might make a novel Christmas present for a friend whose love life is flagging. Read More
— Health and Wellbeing

The Spray-On Condom

By - December 3, 2006 3 Pictures
December 4, 2006 Researchers at the German Institute for Condom Consultancy plan to launch a spray-on condom – the Institute is currently conducting tests on a spray can into which the man inserts his penis which is then sprayed with latex from nozzles on all sides. The plan is to make the product ready for use in about five seconds and offer a more effective contraceptive that fits better than standard one-size fits all condoms and hence does not slip. Pre-market trials are underway to demonstrate the new latex condom is evenly spread when sprayed and to optimise the vulcanization process. The company is seeking Condom Testers with a penis length from 9 to 12 cm and 15 to 20 cm. Men between 13 to 14 cm are apparently welcome too, so we presume there must be some other qualification ‘cos that includes just about everyone. We could think of worse jobs, and if any Gizmag readers get the gig, please don’t forget to send us your business card. Video (in German) here. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Ohmibod - the first iPod acsexory

By - November 19, 2006 5 Pictures
November 20, 2006 Sexuality is common to us all. Like music, it is a universal language that can overcome all barriers, so, maybe they can be combined? . Developed using a team of 500 beta testers, the Ohmibod is a music-powered vibrator that translates tunes from any MP3 player (actually any audio source so iRiver, Creative, Zune etc will all work too) into vibrations. Offered as an “acsexory” aimed squarely at the world’s largest selling personal entertainment device (the Apple iPod), the aim of the slick marketing exercise is to make vibrators socially acceptable. The timing couldn’t be better as personal entertainment devices are selling at more than 50 million units a year, roughly half of them to women, so the world’s first audio player acsexory might be a killer app in the making. There’s an online Club Vibe (which users can join anonymously), centred on enhancing the OhMiBod experience, and sharing OhMiBod Playlists and experiences. Now we haven’t tried it, but those that have are being very complimentary on the Ohmibod blog Ohmiblog, writing things like, “I’ll never listen to the Black Eyed Peas in the same way again”, and “the perfect travelling companion.” Considering the various forces at play in reaching the desired result, we’d suggest that rather than using music designed with other things in mind, there’s also the prospect of a whole new genre of music designed to create the sustained frequencies and rhythms for a successful outcome. Though OhMiBod is not endorsed by Apple, OhMiBod’s creator, Suki, previously worked in product marketing for the company and it shows. “The idea of approachability was carried through the entire development and design of OhMiBod - its name, packaging and website,” says Suki, whose goal is for women to feel as comfortable buying an OhMiBod as they do buying an iPod. Read More
— Mobile Technology

iBuzz: Feel the Music in a Whole New Way!

By - March 28, 2006 3 Pictures
March 29, 2006 Firstly, let us be clear - this is not a premature April Fools Day joke. As Apple Computer celebrates its 30th birthday, we are reminded yet again that technology continues to touch us in the most amazing ways. First the iPod revolutionized the way we hear music. Now the iBuzz is attempting to change the way we feel music. We’ve written about a number of MP3 players using bone conduction (here and here and here and here), we’ve seen an iPod docking keyboard, an iPod docking baby stroller, the iDog, the iPod compatible wallet, the iPod compatible bed, the iPod docking iChair speaker system (very cool actually), the iPod TuneBuckle for your belt, not to mention dozens of ipod compatible cars. But even the iLounge Toilet Paper Dispenser with iPod Dock could not prepare you for this – the weirdest iPod accessory we’ve ever seen – by a country mile! Read More

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