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Taking remote-sex to the next level (NSFW)

By - April 21, 2011 1 Picture
Absence not only makes the heart grow fonder, it can also make for a pretty unfulfilling sex life. While technology has allowed lovers to bridge the tyranny of distance in terms of sight and sound, getting touchy feely is a different matter. Men and women have been looked after separately with devices like RealTouch and the OhMiBod, but we haven't really seen technology designed to allow couples to engage in remote sex. Hong Kong-based Remote Pleasure is looking to change that with a set of sex toys that can be controlled by your partner over the internet. Read More
— Health and Wellbeing

iPhone's first Killer sex app: Body Heat wireless vibrator orchestration (NSFW)

By - January 17, 2011 3 Pictures
Let's talk for a minute about the female orgasm. For a lucky minority of women, these exist in abundance, ready to be plucked ripe off a well-fruited vine at a moment's notice. If you're one of these girls, you can stop reading now and get back to washing your hair with that herbal goop that makes you bellow like Meg Ryan. If you're at the other end of the scale, where orgasm is a fleeting, furtive animal that must be hunted with patience and skill, then this device might be up your alley … so to speak. Read More
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Could virtual sex be the Kinect’s killer app? (NSFW)

By - December 15, 2010 2 Pictures
Once open source drivers for Microsoft’s Kinect were created, it was inevitable the device would be put to use in a virtual sex game. With it around a month since such drivers started appearing, ThriXXX, a company responsible for a range of 3D sex games that are already compatible with a number of sex toy peripherals, has now produced a video demo of a Kinect being used to virtually fondle a number of computer generated ladies. Read More
— Mobile Technology

iPhone FaceTime not just for faces, declares phone sex industry

By - August 2, 2010 1 Picture
Steve Jobs has done his level best to keep pornography and adult content out of the iPhone App Store, but if the history of the Internet has shown us one thing, it's that any attempt to place a wall between porn and the raging tide of user erections is the definition of futility – for each one you strike down, another one springs up stronger than the first. So it will come as little surprise that the adult industry has scrambled to take advantage of the new iPhone 4's ability to make face-to-face – or face-to-other-bits videocalls. Read More
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What do you get when you cross a sex toy with a bicycle seat?

By - June 4, 2010 11 Pictures
What will they think of next? I came across the Ample Star Massaging Bicycle Seat by accident in the penny booth section of Asia's largest computer fair, Computex. It's akin to those massagers sold in department stores that are not there to soothe aching muscles so much as facilitate orgasm for females who don't want to have a sex store come up on the credit card statement. The major difference is that this one also serves as a giant flashing taillight, broadcasting your favorite dance rhythms to fellow road users. Read More
— Medical

Sensis QuickStrips - a quicker, cleaner and much less awkward way to get a condom on

By - April 7, 2010 2 Pictures
Since the ancient Romans first strapped treated goat's bladders to their peckers, the venerable condom has been protecting people from pregnancy, itchy giblets and worse for hundreds of years. And while modern condoms are fairly reliable and allow much more sensitivity than the old multi-use sheep's intestine jobbies ever did, they're still far from foolproof. So we're always impressed when somebody steps up and tries to improve on a time-honoured design - in this case, Sensis has announced a new technology that gets condoms on faster, safer and cleaner - making them more effective, and crucially cutting down on the mood-killing awkwardness we're all familiar with. Read More
— Robotics

RealTouch - World’s first virtual sex device for men (NSFW)

By - February 10, 2010 4 Pictures
Personal sex devices for women have been around for more than 100 years and, though they may not appear to have changed much, research used to create the ultimate device and technology embedded in them certainly has evolved. The taboo surrounding the use of women’s sexual stimulation “toys” has all but disappeared - discussion about products (and even their use) appears regularly on TV in sitcoms, movies and documentaries. But where are all the toys for men? Apart from old-style blow-up dolls – the butt of many jokes and attendee at many a bucks’ party – or the latest sex robot in Roxxxy, what else exists? The world's largest pornographic Video On Demand supplier, Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network (AEBN) has addressed this shortfall with the RealTouch – “the world’s first virtual sex device for men”. Read More
— Robotics

Roxxxy the US$7,000 companion/sex robot (NSFW)

By - February 3, 2010 8 Pictures
When it comes to technology, the sex industry is no laggard, and as robotics become more human-like in their appearance and abilities, US-based company TrueCompany is poised to launch Roxxxy – the world’s first "sex robot" that has many more capabilities than your average sex doll. Apart from having better defined physical features than previous dolls, Roxxxy has been programmed with her own personality and her manufacturers say she can listen, talk, carry on a conversation, feel your touch and respond to it, as well as move her private areas inside when she is being “utilized” to deliver an unforgettable erotic experience. There are even plans for a male version - Rocky the Robot. Read More
— Health and Wellbeing

Surprise, surprise – new study finds that men and women respond differently to sexual stimuli

By - January 7, 2010 1 Picture
We don’t need an expert to tell us that men and women are completely different. Since the dawn of time, we have realized we don’t look the same, we certainly act, dress and communicate in dissimilar ways and in the bedroom…well…let’s just say that different requirements can sometimes lead to a difference of opinion. A new study of physiological measures of sexual arousal in men and women confirms what we may have known all along – whilst men’s minds and genitals are usually in alignment, women are not as likely to have a link between their mind and their genital area. Read More
— Good Thinking

Dating sites use DNA to find your perfect match

By - November 18, 2009 1 Picture
If you’re looking for love online you can forget listing your hobbies and favorite books. Dating sites can now find your perfect match based on DNA. Numerous studies have revealed that chemistry, in particular body odor, plays a big part in the art of attraction, but such physical chemistry is usually impossible to identify when searching for partners online. Dating sites such as ScientificMatch and say they can bring chemical attraction back into the mix to increase the chances of finding someone genetically compatible with your DNA. Read More

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