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Seoul Motor Show 2013

The egg-shaped 'E4U' personal mobility vehicle concept (Photo: Nikkei Tech-On)

Despite the Segway becoming a household name, personal mobility vehicles have so far failed to make it to the world’s sidewalks in any great numbers. Still, some intriguing concepts over the years from the likes of Toyota, Honda and GM suggest that the wheels of the personal mobility revolution are still turning – if slowly. Hyundai is now getting into the act with its “E4U” personal mobility vehicle concept that was spied at the Seoul Motor Show last week by Nikkei Tech-On.  Read More

Kia's compact four-seater CUB concept at Auto Shanghai

Kia's new CUB concept unveiled at the Seoul Auto Show has been designed with the trendy urban demographic in mind. Measuring just 13 feet (3.96 m) long, the concept vehicle still manages to provide space for four within its compact cabin.  Read More

Aston Martin-like grille treatment, ‘Vette rear haunchings, and a dab of Miura concept and...

The New York Auto Show may be the big draw this week, but in Seoul, Korea another auto show is bringing out some very interesting concepts. The sexiest and most likely to be a superhero’s vehicle of choice is Hyundai’s HND-9 coupe.  Read More

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