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Games collection sells on eBay for US$1.2 million

By - July 9, 2012 4 Pictures
Collectors are a breed apart. Their interest in whatever they collect often begins and ends with obtaining a new item to add to their collection. Removing it from the packaging will affect the worth of the item, and handling it or using it in the way it was originally intended to be used is treachery of the highest order. Collecting isn't for everyone but those who do it can end up making a lot of money from their obsessive tendencies. So it is with the Frenchman who has sold a large part of his video games collection on eBay for US$1.2 million. Read More
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Sega's Toylets give public toilet users something to aim at

By - January 23, 2011 3 Pictures
Most men at one time or another (hopefully when they were merely boys) have enjoyed a spot or two of “sword fighting” in school toilets – just to clear up any misconceptions members of the fairer sex may have about such activities, this involves the clashing of streams, not appendages. One of the unfortunate side effects of these duels can be fair degree of spray ending up where it isn’t supposed to, creating extra work for those whose job it is to keep such facilities clean. Now Sega is bringing restroom gaming into the 21st century with a video game that makes use of a pressure sensor built into the urinal to entice urinators to keep their pee on target. Read More
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Sega's iDog musicbot and iPod speaker/companion

By - April 6, 2005 4 Pictures
Sega Toys has released the iDog, a companion speaker/pet for the Apple iPod that will also work with any audio player, though it is unashamedly aimed at the Apple iPod user with packaging, look and feel all, well, sorta iPoddy. The iDog’s reason for being is basically as a companion in that it takes headphone music from an MP3 player and plays it out loud, and at the same time as dancing and seeking playful interaction – the ideal companion for children, and geeks who spend too much time living in the space between their ears with music as their only companion. The companion robot will play a major role in society’s future and at US$89, this is quite possibly the cheapest companion robot available on the market at this time, narrowly pipping the Robosapien at US99. Read More

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