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Myfox security camera keeps watch on your home, respects your privacy

If you only want your home security camera to keep vigil on your home while you're away, and not watch you while you're there, you could just disable it when you walk through the door. But there's always a danger of forgetting to turn it back on before you go out again. The Myfox Security Camera features a mechanical privacy shutter that can be opened or closed remotely using an app running on an iOS or Android smartphone. Read More


DEF CON focuses on vehicle security and beyond in wake of Jeep hack

Last month, security researchers Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller made headlines when they remotely hacked a Jeep Cherokee, killing the transmission as a Wired reporter drove at high-speed down the freeway. But with cars representing only a subset of the Internet of Things, it's likely that many companies that had previously never considered whether their products were virtually as well as physically safe will similarly be responding to disclosures of exploits and courting future employees at hacker conventions in the future. Security researchers at DEF CON described the many attack surfaces of today's connected vehicle and pointed to potential improvements to protect consumers.Read More


Synaptics aims to tighten security with self-contained fingerprint ID system

Attempts to move beyond password authentication look to have just received a nice little boost, with interface-specialists Synaptics announcing its new Match-in-Sensor, billed as the first self-contained fingerprint matching device. The solution promises new degrees of security by isolating the entire process from a host device like your phone or computer, minimizing the chances of somebody else getting their fingers on your prints.Read More


Buddy robot wants to be a companion for your family

We may still be some way from having lifelike humanoid robot helpers, but there's no doubt robots are getting more helpful, friendly and domesticated. Blue Frog Robotics' new Buddy robot is designed to be an affordable family companion. It can help with communications, home security, edutainment and even elder care.Read More


3-D ultrasonic fingerprint scanning could strengthen smartphone security

Researchers at the University of California, Davis and Berkeley have managed to miniaturize low-depth ultrasound technology to create a fingerprint sensor that can scan your finger in 3D. This low-power technology, which could improve on the robustness of current-generation capacitive scanners, could soon find its way to our smartphones and tablets.Read More


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