Rook drone lets users fly around their homes from anywhere in the world

Anyone who has piloted a drone knows that wide open spaces are your friend, so the idea of an indoor drone might seem like a questionable idea. But there is method in the madness for the team at Eighty Nine Robots, a company formed by a group of students from Northwestern University. Their Rook drone is intended to allow users to remotely do a sweep of the interior of their homes from anywhere in the world via a Wi-Fi connection and an iOS or Android device.Read More


"Unhackable" RFID chip to keep your credit cards safe

Radio frequency identification (RFID) chips have made cashless payments commonplace and opened the way to automatic inventory control. However, they've also made it possible for credit card details and other private information to be stolen wirelessly. To make things a bit more secure, MIT and Texas Instruments are developing an "unhackable" RFID chip that's designed to fend off information-stealing attacks.Read More

Around The Home Review

Review: Turcom Cyberview Mini provides security, but with limitations

As the range of wireless home security systems broadens, the choices offered range from elaborate information centers that monitor the local environment to simple cameras designed for economy and ease of use. One example of the latter is the Turcom Cyberview Mini, which is a plug-and-play camera with an emphasis on fast setup and expandability. We plugged one in to see what it could do.Read More

Around The Home Review

Review: Foscam's pan-and-tilt R2 security camera fills the blind spots

Security cameras can provide homeowners with a certain peace of mind and plug-and-play technology has made them easier to install, but a static camera is often difficult to site and has frustrating blind spots. Foscam's R2 wireless interior camera provides more flexibility with a motorized pan-and-tilt mount that can swivel to take in an entire area. We got hold of one along with the company's FI9900P outdoor camera to see what we could see.Read More


New sensor system enables robots to look inside luggage

Luggage lying around unattended at an airport justifiably triggers the jitters. The hazardous task of getting up close to inspect what could potentially be a bomb that could explode any time invariably falls to the bomb squad. Researchers have come up with a way to minimize the risk by creating a sophisticated, robot-mountable, sensor system that allows authorities to scan a piece of luggage and get an accurate image of its contents. The contact-free detection system could not only potentially help bomb specialists assess the danger quickly, but it could also help them obtain vital evidence.Read More

Around The Home Review

Review: Does the CleverLoop security system keep you in the loop?

Once the reserve of the rich and the tech obsessed, home security systems have become as affordable and simple to use as a wireless stereo speaker. Yet another entry into this ever-expanding field is the CleverLoop video security system, which comes in a variety of configurations and is aimed at renters and small businesses. We recently got hold of one and put it through its paces.Read More

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Cordless home security robot monitors from light bulb sockets

Advancements in connected security systems have provided people with affordable, user-friendly ways to keep an eye on things when no one is home. The latest product from Amderstam-based Amaryllo incorporates robotics and smart features for enhanced vigilance. The iCamPro Deluxe camera is designed to talk, hear, detect faces, and track intruders with 360-degree movement.Read More


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