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Volvo Child Safety Seats released

October 25, 2005 Volvo pioneered automotive safety long before it was fashionable and its stocks have risen in recent years as active safety has become non-daggy and the Volvo emblem is now synonymous with safety in the mind of the public. So it’s a logical time to extend the brand, and there’s no more compelling issue around safety than that of baby seats. Yes folks, if you want your pride and joy to be as safe, secure and comfortable as can be, Volvo has launched a new range of ISOFIX child seats!  Read More

Volvo experimenting with new safety features

August 18 2005 Volvo Cars’ most recent contribution to road safety is an experimental car equipped with a breathalyser lock integrated into the driver's seat belt clasp. Volvo Cars is also experimenting with a special ignition key that regulates the car’s top speed. The experimental technology requires the driver to perform a two-step safety check before the engine will start. The driver must first blow into the built-in breathalyser lock and the driver must also fasten the seat belt. When the breathalyser detects alcohol or if the driver does not fasten the seat belt, the engine will not start. The breathalyser will illuminate red when it positively detects alcohol, and the breathalyser will illuminate green when it does not detect alcohol.  Read More

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