Urban Transport

CycleBoard carves turf with smooth lean-to-steer system

Choices in personal mobility vehicles are numerous these days, many of which feature some form of electric motor or pedal assistance. The latest electric scooter to hit the streets adds a bit of fun by offering multiple riding styles. The CycleBoard electric scooter is designed with an intuitive steering system that uses foot placement and body balance.Read More

Urban Transport Review

Review: Skipping taxi lines with EcoReco's M5 Air electric scooter

If you've never been to CES, then you may not know one of the tech show's dirty little secrets: getting around Las Vegas during the show can take up nearly as much time as the show itself. Though Vegas isn't the ideal city for personal urban transportation, our time using the EcoReco M5 Air scooter made for a solid alternative to standing in taxi lines. If you live in a city that's more friendly to personal transport, though, it could be much more than that.Read More


GoCaddy turns an electric scooter into a golf cart

While many people prefer to ride in a motorized cart when they're golfing, not all golf courses have such vehicles … and bringing one's own full-size cart isn't really an option. Well, that's where the GoCaddy comes in. Billed as "the world's lightest and most versatile personal golf cart," it incorporates an existing GoPed folding electric scooter.Read More


Moox is part bike, part scooter

While bicycles are good for maintaining all-out speed on the road, scooters can be pretty handy when it comes to navigating crowded sidewalks and paths. If you can't decide which one is more appropriate to your type of riding … well, you might want to get a Moox Bike. It's a bicycle/scooter combo, with a little bit of fatbike thrown into the mix for good measure.Read More


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