Digital Cameras

The world's brightest LCD projector from Sanyo

June 23, 2007 When too bright just ain't bright enough... Comprehensively eclipsing the previous champion (Christie's LX120), Sanyo's new PLC-XF47 is the new holder of the LCD projection brightness title. Pumping out 15,000 lumens (roughly 10 times the brightness of a 100w globe), and throwing its picture up to 15 metres, the system also comes with the optional ability to stream High Definition content wirelessly from a PC. Which is great, except that even with a US$30,000 price tag, it still only projects in 1024x768 resolution.Read More


SANYO develops world's highest energy conversion efficiency solar cells

June 22, 2007 SANYO has broken its own record for the world's highest energy conversion efficiency in practical size crystalline silicon-type solar cells. The company achieved this solar energy breakthrough by demonstrating an efficiency of 22% (beating a previous record of 21.8%) at a research level for its HIT solar cells, the first time that a photovoltaic manufacturer has broken through the 22% mark in conversion efficiency for this type of cell. Read More

Digital Cameras

The SANYO VPC-CA6 weatherproof digital movie camera

December 14, 2006 We’ve always thought it was kinda dumb that cameras should be so averse to water – they are, after all, there to capture special moments and some of those moments occur while it’s raining. So it’s partly with disbelief that we are writing up a digital movie camera with weatherproof functionality as being all that special, though a lack of such functionality elsewhere does make this camera special. Shouldn’t they all be weatherproof? Shouldn’t all cameras be portable and durable? If you think this should be standard fare, as we do, then Sanyo’s newly launched VPC-CA6 weatherproof digital movie camera is designed for you – presumably a user with an active lifestyle that involves water recreational activities. The hardwearing splash-proof VPC-CA6 body offers carefree video recording by the pool, camping, at the beach or on the water, allowing users to capture their treasured moments with wet hands. The camera’s compact ergonomic design enables one handed usage, which can prove useful. Read More

Home Entertainment

Sanyo’s 42 inch Weatherproof LCD Monitor

November 5, 2006 It costs more than three times its non-weatherproof 42 inch equivalent in the Sanyo range, but the CE42LM4WPR flat panel 42 inch LCD Monitor has truly unique qualities which have the potential to open up the outdoor display and advertising market. Suddenly advertising, information services, and promotional activities can be empowered by the use of a 42 inch display at open-air events in all weather and in harsh environments, such as dusty or humid conditions. The ruggedised (our words not theirs, so don’t go dropkicking it around the place) screen now has IP56 weather-resistant accreditation making it viable for a range of industrial and architectural applications including in-factory information services, outdoor home usage in courtyards and pools areas as well as, commercial applications such as clubs and digital signage.Read More

Mobile Technology

IBM and Sanyo Demonstrate Fuel Cell Prototype for ThinkPad Notebooks with 8 hour refill time

April 29, 2005 IBM and SANYO Electric have demonstrated a prototype micro direct methanol fuel cell system for IBM ThinkPad notebooks. Leveraging SANYO's latest advancements in fuel cells that increase the longevity of notebook batteries, IBM and SANYO jointly developed a basic design of a fuel cell power source. Based on the design, the companies developed a prototype fuel cell system that could supply up to 8 hours of power per cartridge on current and future ThinkPad models. The SANYO system does not require altering the standard ThinkPad notebook design.Read More

Mobile Technology

Sprint and Sanyo introduce MM-5600 phone - High-Quality Video, Music and Pictures

February 21, 2005 It's a sign of the times that most of the mobile phone companies and major Telcos has a presence at the Photo Marketing Association Annual Convention and Trade Show that began yesterday in Orlando, Florida. Clearly the two industries are fast converging and that was the theme of the joint Sprint and Sanyo announcement of the Sprint PCS Vision(SM) Multimedia Phone MM-5600. The MM-5600 allows customers to listen to stereo-quality music; take1.3-megapixel photos and view the latest video content from nationally recognized brands in the news and entertainment industry at up to 15 frames per second with the built-in media player.Read More


Sanyo HDD Gorilla follows the call of the wild

The Gorilla NV-HD 500 from Sanyo is a navigation device/ DVD player with a 20GB hard drive and a GPS receiver. It can be used as a handheld device or put into a cradle in a car for full entertainment functionality. In navigation mode, the HD Gorilla serves up dynamically updated maps from the hard drive when the device is mounted near the car driver. These visualise in full colour 3D the area you're driving through or inquiring about, using a cartoon gorilla Avatar that represents the car or person in motion and gives the system it's name. If it's mounted on a headrest, for viewing by people in the back seat, it will also play DVD movies and serve as a surround sound car stereo. The price will be about $500, company representatives said. Read More

Mobile Technology

Sanyo's new W21SA Camera Phone has it all

One of the most complete mobile phones yet to reach market has surfaced in Japan from Sanyo. The W21SA has a 2 megapixel camera and shoots QVGA video, has an FM radio inbuilt and can record from the FM radio or use the facility for voice recording too. It also has a TV output so you can show your video and still images on the family teev, and it has an optical character reader which works through the camera and recognises 20,000 words in English and 30,000 Japanese words.Read More


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