Mobile Technology Feature

The best of MWC 2016

This Mobile World Congress was the year when the world's biggest smartphone expo went beyond the smartphone. We've seen VR headsets, 360-degree cameras, home security robots, convertible tablet/laptop hybrids and much more during our week in Barcelona. Read on for our picks for the best gadgets of the show, along with our overall impressions of everything else at MWC 2016.Read More

Digital Cameras

Samsung expands its view with all-seeing Gear 360 video camera

With virtual reality headsets from the likes of Oculus, Sony and HTC set to launch in the coming months, 360-degree cameras, too, are starting to come in from all directions. At this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung has announced its first foray into the immersive video content creator space with a spherical shooter that shuttles 360-degree video straight to the smartphone.Read More


Samsung's transparent Safety Truck hits the road en route to global rollout

Craning your neck to check for oncoming traffic can be a futile exercise when you're trailing a mammoth semi-trailer on a single lane highway. If only you could see through that huge mass of moving steel, right? After a trial last year, Samsung has again taken a "transparent" Safety Truck to the roads of Argentina for further testing, with a view to expanding the technology globally later in the year.Read More


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