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Gizmag compares the specs (and other features) of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and Nexus 7

Samsung was the first Android phone maker to take a stab at tablets. Released in 2010, the Galaxy Tab was a 7-inch slate that cost more than the bigger and better iPad. But Samsung kept chipping away, making tablets in all shapes and sizes, and is now gaining on Apple’s shrinking lead. How does Samsung’s latest – the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 – compare to the Google/Asus Nexus 7?  Read More

IDC released its latest global tablet market share numbers, and Samsung is looking good

For a while, it looked like Apple was going to utterly dominate the tablet market forever. Xooms, Xyboards, and Transformers came and went – accomplishing little more than building the world’s biggest collection of store shelf dust. But today Android slates have grown in quality and quantity, while shrinking in screen size and price. In the first quarter of 2013, they continued to eat into the iPad’s market share.  Read More

Gizmag reviews the Samsung Galaxy S4

When you’re sitting on top of the world, what do you do? Do you pay tribute to what got you there? Or do you use that new freedom to try something different? In the case of Samsung with the Galaxy S4, it leaned more towards the former. Is it too much of the same? Or an improvement on a successful formula? Read on, as we review the Samsung Galaxy S4.  Read More

Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab 3, a 7-inch tablet with decidedly mid-range specs

Samsung’s original Galaxy Tab was Android’s first iPad rival. “Rival” probably isn’t the best word, though: the iPad sold in bunches while the overpriced (US$600) Galaxy Tab collected dust. Almost three years later, a much more popular Samsung has announced the 7-inch slate’s second proper sequel: the Galaxy Tab 3.  Read More

Samsung is reportedly prepping a rugged version of the Galaxy S4 and an 8-inch Galaxy tabl...

You get the sense that Samsung wants to be everything to everyone. The Korean company makes smartphones and tablets in all shapes and sizes. It does high-end, it does low-end, and it even does mid-range. You name it, Sammy has either done it or is planning on doing it. So the next items on the agenda should be no surprise: a rugged, outdoorsy version of the Galaxy S 4, and an 8-inch Galaxy Tab.  Read More

Gizmag compares the specs (and other features) of Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.0 and Amazon's K...

The iPad still rules the tablet roost, with both versions handily outselling all of its rivals. But Apple’s two biggest competitors, Amazon and Samsung, aren’t going anywhere. Their latest tablets – the Galaxy Note 8.0 and Kindle Fire HD 8.9” – are both compelling alternatives to the iPad and iPad mini. Let’s compare the specs (and other features) of the Note 8 and Fire 8.9.  Read More

Gizmag compares the specs (and other features) of the Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3

You didn’t think the Galaxy Note II was the last word, did you? That Samsung’s 5.5-inch phablet had filled the last gaps between smartphone and tablet? Think again. If the Note is two parts smartphone, one part tablet – the huge Galaxy Mega flips that around. Let’s see how the two versions of the Mega (Mega 5.8 and Mega 6.3) compare.  Read More

Samsung's Galaxy Mega 6.3 and 5.8

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3 – two new mid-level devices that aim to fill the gap between smartphone and tablet. While the handsets might not be heavyweights on the spec sheet, they are some of the biggest devices we've seen, and at 5.8 and 6.3 inches, they're certainly deserving of their moniker.  Read More

Selling the iPhone in multiple screen sizes could be the best thing that ever happened to ...

Apple likes simplicity. It has a simple product line with simple brand names, simple designs and simple-to-use software. This obsession has served the company well. But there is one area where it could afford to have a bit more complexity. I’m talking iPhone screen size. Apple’s rivals have shown that one size most definitely does not fit all. It’s time for Apple to join them and stop pretending that it does.  Read More

Samsung announced the Galaxy Win, a device with familiar branding and mid-range specs

Here at Gizmag, we cover a lot of high-end smartphones. They’re the cream of the crop, and the benchmarks that the next generation of devices will try to top. But not everyone needs the best of the best. Lots of people want a phone that’s comfortable to hold, fast enough for Facebook and email, and doesn’t break the bank. To those customers, we hereby present to you: the Samsung Galaxy Win.  Read More

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