Photokina 2014 highlights


How does the Nexus 4 compare to the reigning Android monarch, the Samsung Galaxy S III?

Does Android have a new King? This title is usually passed by default to the latest Nexus phone, but the Nexus 4 isn't usual. Though it's a top-of-the-line handset, Google and LG made a few trade-offs. How does the Nexus 4 compare to the reigning Android monarch, the Samsung Galaxy S III? Let's take a look …  Read More

How does the Google/Samsung Nexus 10 compare to Apple's 4th-generation iPad?

Google is evolving. Though Android is still licensed to countless manufacturers, the company is stepping up production of its flagship Nexus products. The devices, close collaborations with hardware vendors to promote new versions of Android, have been multiplied in number. This year, Google has released (at least) one new Nexus smartphone, and two Nexus tablets. The higher-end of Google's tablets - the Nexus 10 - is designed to go toe-to-toe with the iPad. How does it compare to Apple's market-leading slate? Let's take a look …  Read More

This is our quick mockup based on the manual drawings (home screen: ZDNet)

The Nexus 10 is coming. The Nexus 7's big brother hasn't been officially announced, but we've seen enough leaks to read the tea leaves. Though it doesn't offer much juicy information, a freshly-leaked product manual appears to seal the deal.  Read More

Google's new Samsung Chromebook

Google has just introduced a new Chromebook, made in conjunction with Samsung. The Chromebook line of laptops has always been designed to be affordable, and to allow users to live completely in the cloud. Well, this time Google's blowing the doors off with an impressive laptop priced at a staggering US$249.  Read More

A photorealistic rendering of Samsung's new humanoid robot, Roboray

Samsung's robotics division presented the company's latest humanoid robot, Roboray, at IROS 2012 in Portugal last week. Researchers led by Kyungsik Roh have been co-developing humanoid robots with the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) since 2004 and the Roboray is a departure from their earlier robot (known as "Mahru", of which there are several models) thanks to its torque controlled leg joints, which give it more human-like walking capabilities.  Read More

It's no contest, but the iPhone 5 can help put the Galaxy S3 Mini in perspective

When Samsung revealed the details of its new Galaxy S III Mini, mobile tech junkies let out a collective "meh." Those hoping for a Galaxy S III squeezed into a smaller, lighter body instead got a mid-range (probably low-priced) smartphone. Though it isn't an even battle, let's see how it compares to Apple's latest high-end offering, the iPhone 5.  Read More

How does Motorola's latest stand up to Samsung's leading Galaxy S3?

After reviving the Razr brand last year from a flip-phone graveyard, Motorola has tweaked its formula with two proper sequels. The Razr HD and Razr HD Maxx (accompanied by the Droid moniker in the U.S.) aren't exactly true to their names, as they're both beefier than their predecessors. How do these more balanced handsets stack up next to Samsung's Android-leading Galaxy S III?  Read More

The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

Samsung has announced its latest handset at a press event in Frankfurt, Germany. The four-inch Galaxy S III Mini is an Android-powered smartphone designed to provide a premium alternative to the company's larger Galaxy S III device.  Read More

Perhaps Google will call it the Nexus 10? (rendered image)

The tablet market has been clearly split. There is the high-end, dominated from inception by the iPad. Then there's the evolving low-end, which has been led by the Kindle Fire, but is also party to offerings from Google (Nexus 7), Samsung (Galaxy Tab 7) and Barnes & Noble (Nook HD). As Apple prepares to enter the low-end with the iPad Mini, Google may now be looking to take on the iPad.  Read More

Microsoft's own Surface tablet features a unique magnesium body with kickstand

With the Windows 8 launch just around the corner, let's take a look at four upcoming premium devices running Redmond’s new OS. All of the tablets detailed here run the full version of Windows 8 and offer laptop-like functionality through the use of various peripherals. However, from internal configuration to design, there’s a lot of different options available and we’re here to help decide which devices are most worthy of your hard-earned cash.  Read More

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