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Samsung will reportedly reveal the Galaxy S4 on March 14 in New York City

The Galaxy S IV is coming. This we’ve known for a while. What wasn’t so clear was exactly when Samsung would reveal the successor to the world’s most popular Android device. Today we appear to have the answer, as multiple sources are pointing to an announcement coming in less than a month.  Read More

We compare the specs (and intangibles) of the BlackBerry Z10 and Samsung Galaxy S3

Great companies evolve. In 2007, Apple redefined the smartphone with the release of the iPhone. Google then responded quickly with the iPhone-inspired Android OS. But BlackBerry (known then as Research in Motion) stood still. Six years later, the company is finally embracing keyboardless, multitouch handsets. Does the new BlackBerry Z10 stand a chance against Samsung’s record-breaking Galaxy S III? Let’s see how their specs – and harder-to-define intangibles – compare.  Read More

A series of rumors point to a March announcement and April release for the Galaxy S4

Samsung's Galaxy S series may not be quite as popular as the iPhone, but it's inching closer. So too is the hype surrounding Galaxy S leaks and rumors. Today's series of rumors, then, is as hype-worthy as it gets. It claims to detail the announcement date, release date, and some specifications of the Galaxy S IV.  Read More

Is Google developing an upgraded new version of the Nexus 10?

Though its sales haven't approached iPad levels, Google's Nexus 10 is a beast. It has the sharpest display of any tablet, one of the fastest mobile processors, and a US$400 starting price. But, impressive as its hardware is, the Nexus 10 isn't perfect. Google reportedly realizes this, and is ready to improve on its formula with a 2nd-gen Nexus 10.  Read More

The Fonblet might be a Galaxy Player 5.8 with a cellular radio

When Samsung announced the first "phablet," the Galaxy Note, critics guffawed. A Zack Morris-sized smartphone with a stylus? Good luck with that. But then the device – and its sequel -– sold in bunches, and those critics ate their hats. So, as ridiculous as a rumored 5.8-inch smartphone dubbed "Fonblet" sounds, we'll keep the snickering to a minimum.  Read More

This is an altered Galaxy Note 2 – no Galaxy Note 8.0' images have been leaked

Samsung's Galaxy tablets haven't caught fire quite like its Galaxy smartphones have. The company may, however, see an opportunity to change that. If a new leak holds any weight, then Sammy may be taking some cues from Apple's hot-selling iPad mini with a budget 8-inch tablet.  Read More

Samsung's T9000 four-door refrigerator previewed at CES 2013. The product is slated for a ...

Despite being around for a few years now, fridges with internet connectivity and LCD touchscreens haven't really taken off with consumers. Samsung isn't giving up, though, previewing its 32 cubic-feet (906-liter) four-door T9000 model at CES 2013 that boasts a 10-inch LCD touchscreen option.  Read More

How does Sony's new Xperia Z compare to the Samsung Galaxy S III?

Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S III was the undisputed King of Android. Many expect its inevitable follow-up to repeat in 2013. But one company hoping to carve out its own piece of the pie is Sony. Its Xperia Z is the Japanese company's most serious foray into smartphones. How does it stack up against 2012's best? Let's take a look.  Read More

LG (main) and Samsung (inset) have both unveiled curved 55-inch OLED TVs in Las Vegas, whi...

I was lucky enough to sample firsthand the incredible viewing experience offered by big screen OLED TVs at the IFA 2012 booth of consumer electronics giants LG and Samsung last year. Both companies have new models scheduled for commercial availability in early 2013 and both, it would appear, are claiming a world first at CES in Las Vegas this week ... each claiming to be first to debut a curved OLED TV.  Read More

Samsung's new WB250F at CES 2013

Samsung has gone smart camera crazy at CES 2013, bringing out a slew of new models with the ability to share photos over Wi-Fi. The standout feature of the system dubbed "Smart Camera 2.0" is a new AutoShare function that enables photos to be shared automatically and immediately with a connected smartphone.  Read More

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