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Samsung Galaxy

Gizmag compares the specs (and other features) of the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and 4th-gen iPad

We're all familiar with the smartphone rivalry between Apple and Samsung. And though the two companies also sell competing tablets, things aren't quite the same on that end. Apple's iPad is still firmly planted in the driver's seat: in terms of sales, brand recognition, and critical reception. Maybe part of that can be chalked up to the fact that Samsung's Galaxy Tabs, unlike its Galaxy S smartphones, are all decidedly mid-range. Let's find out just how mid-range, as we compare the specs (and other features) of the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and 4th-generation iPad.  Read More

Gizmag compares the specs (and other features) of the LG Optimus G Pro and Samsung Galaxy ...

During the past year, the phablet has gone from object of ridicule to legit new product category. You can give all the credit to Samsung, and its surprisingly successful marketing of the Galaxy Note. Like any successful product, the Note has rivals – eager to take a piece of its pie. Let’s see how the most significant non-Samsung phablet, the LG Optimus G Pro, compares to the Galaxy Note 2.  Read More

Gizmag compares the specs (and other features) of the Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3

You didn’t think the Galaxy Note II was the last word, did you? That Samsung’s 5.5-inch phablet had filled the last gaps between smartphone and tablet? Think again. If the Note is two parts smartphone, one part tablet – the huge Galaxy Mega flips that around. Let’s see how the two versions of the Mega (Mega 5.8 and Mega 6.3) compare.  Read More

Samsung is rumored to be producing two huge phones: the Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Mega 6....

Samsung took some flak when it launched its first phablet, the Galaxy Note. “A giant-sized phone with a stylus? HA!” ... then the device turned out to be quite good ... and then it sold millions of units. Who’s laughing now? So don’t blame us for keeping an open mind about the company’s rumored gigantophone, the Samsung Galaxy Mega.  Read More

The VAMP VERZA and the METALLO case

One of the most lamented parts of smartphones for audiophiles is the sound quality. To an undiscerning ear, the sound is fine, but for users who want to hear every last detail of the music, smartphones just can't hack it. V-MODA has already thrown its name into the smartphone sound enhancing battle with its VAMP case for iPhone 4/4S. Now it's back with a new option for iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIII, and Samsung Galaxy Note II users called the VAMP VERZA, and its companion case the Metallo.  Read More

Samsung will reportedly reveal the Galaxy S4 on March 14 in New York City

The Galaxy S IV is coming. This we’ve known for a while. What wasn’t so clear was exactly when Samsung would reveal the successor to the world’s most popular Android device. Today we appear to have the answer, as multiple sources are pointing to an announcement coming in less than a month.  Read More

The Fonblet might be a Galaxy Player 5.8 with a cellular radio

When Samsung announced the first "phablet," the Galaxy Note, critics guffawed. A Zack Morris-sized smartphone with a stylus? Good luck with that. But then the device – and its sequel -– sold in bunches, and those critics ate their hats. So, as ridiculous as a rumored 5.8-inch smartphone dubbed "Fonblet" sounds, we'll keep the snickering to a minimum.  Read More

The Magnetyze smartphone-charging system connects the phone to the charger using nothing b...

Phone chargers may not be way up there on peoples’ lists of troublesome devices, but if the things can be made simpler ... hey, why not? BuQu Tech’s new Magnetyze system attempts to do just that, with a magnetic case/charger combo. Users just place their Magentyze case-clad smartphone near the slab-like desktop charging platform, and it will be magnetically sucked into place and charged up – no cords need to be plugged in.  Read More

iBattz has unveiled a slew of new smartphone and tablet accessories – including the Smart ...

iBattz has unveiled a slew of accessories aimed at smartphone and tablet owners at this year’s CES. These include a wireless charging station for Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, a rugged battery-packed case for iPhone 5 and iPad, and a trio of iPhone 5 cases which feature interchangeable batteries.  Read More

Samsung's new GALAXY Grand boasts a 5-inch display at 800 x 480 pixel resolution

Samsung’s newly revealed GALAXY Grand smartphone might live up to the “grand” moniker in terms of the 5-inch size of its TFT LCD touchscreen, which is even larger than the 4.8-inch AMOLED display in Samsung's flagship GALAXY S3, but the somewhat underwhelming 800 x 480 pixel resolution underlines its positioning at the lower end of the smartphone market.  Read More

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