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NASA has given its Opportunity Mars Rover the ability to make its own choices about which ...

NASA’s Opportunity is a Mars Rover that just won’t die. In fact, Opportunity is just getting better – and smarter – with age. Originally slated for a 90-sol (that’s 90 Mars days) mission when it landed at Meridiani Planum on Mars on January 25, 2004, Opportunity is still turning up for work and functioning effectively in its seventh year on the red planet. And unlike some of us who are losing our faculties as we age, Opportunity has been given a new capability to make its own choices about whether to conduct additional observations of rocks that it spots on arrival at a new location.  Read More

On test: the lunar truck simulator at the Rock Yard of Houston's Johnson Space Center

It looks like seventies science fiction television is (finally) going to meet reality with NASA planning to set up a real Moonbase Alpha by 2020. In order to meet the heavy load/long range transport requirements of life on the moon, NASA recently teamed up with Goodyear to review and redesign some 40-year-old technology in the shape of the airless tires first seen on the Lunar Rover Vehicles of Apollo missions.  Read More

The Scamander RRV goes for a dip to show off its amphibious qualities.

Fed up with your Ferrari? Lamborghini a bit lame? Rarely get a reason to take your dinghy out of the shed? Haven’t scared the neighbors for a while? If you've answered yes to at least three of these questions, then the Scamander RRV could be just what you’re looking for. Before his death in June this year, former-TVR owner Peter Wheeler built the Scamander RRV (rapid response vehicle), a car that could drive on track, off-road or even on the water, all while carrying four people.  Read More

The self-contained module of the rover allows crew to discard their spacesuits while insid...

NASA’s 12-wheeled Small Pressurized Rover raced (by lunar rover standards) across the moon-like Arizona outback at 6mph this week as part of the 11th annual Desert Research and Technology Studies (RATS). While the buggies on the Apollo missions only provided a 6 mile range, the presence of two or more SPRs on a lunar landing will provide a range of over 150 miles.  Read More

The bullet-proof Range Rover Vogue

March 28, 2007 Most luxury vehicle manufacturers have been quietly producing armoured versions of their range for special private customers for years, with Mercedes Benz the most prolific and high profile and the Combat T98, International MXT-MVA and Rhino Runner the most extreme. Whereas once it was considered gauche to advertise such services, and companies were content to have the most influential people seen in their vehicles, marketing imperatives are now being brought to bear and the world’s prestige manufacturers all seem to be adding an armoured model to their range. Now Range Rover will add a fully-armoured Vogue to the range, designed to resist attack from machine gun or hand grenade while its four-wheel drive chassis and off-road ground clearance allows a quick getaway from attack or ambush. Unlike conventional armoured limousines, the Range Rover Vogue Security Vehicle can be driven across all terrains, including unforgiving urban obstacles like high kerbs or even steep steps. Its broad shouldered strength also allows it to be driven at and through obstacles such as gates or even walls.  Read More

The all-new Land Rover LR2 Premium Compact SUV

December 3, 2006 Land Rover used the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show to unveil its new premium compact SUV, the Land Rover LR2, earlier this week. The fourth new model launched from Land Rover in just four years, LR2 joins the line-up of Range Rover (2002), Land Rover LR3 (2004) and Range Rover Sport (2005). As the latest addition to the sport-utility vehicle manufacturer's line-up, LR2 is all-new from the ground up, with a view to delivering outstanding on-road performance as well as the off-road ability of a Land Rover. Technical highlights of the LR2 include a brand-new 3.2-liter inline-six engine featuring advanced technologies to deliver an outstanding combination of performance and economy.  Read More

New V8 Diesel extends Range Rover Sport range

August 23, 2006 Since its debut in 2005, Land Rover’s most performance-oriented vehicle yet – dubbed a ‘sports tourer’ by the company – has been consistently in high demand, leading to waiting lists in many markets. Announced yesterday, a new and powerful, state-of-the-art TDV8 turbo diesel will become the fourth engine option for the Range Rover Sport, no doubt exacerbating the wait. With power and torque over 40 per cent greater than the TDV6 turbocharged diesel engine, but still achieving 25.5 mpg (11.1 litre/100 km) on combined fuel cycle, the new TDV8 is expected to extend the Range Rover Sport’s appeal still further.  Read More

The new Land Rover Freelander 2

June 25, 2006 Land Rover’s all-new Freelander 2 looks set to seriously shake up the compact premium 4x4 class following it’s world unveiling on Friday. New from the ground up, the Freelander 2 delivers outstanding on-road performance as well as the off-road ability of a true Land Rover. A dynamic design, purposeful stance, smart and spacious interior, and an abundance of advanced technologies complete the package. Land Rover is claiming a superior “total breadth of capability” for the new Freelander 2.  Read More

New Range Rover flagship model – the HST

March 29, 2006 Land Rover has spiced up its Range Rover Sport to create a new flagship, the Supercharged 'HST' specification. Debuted to the UK press this week, the HST adds a host of additional equipment along with dramatic design cues inspired by the Range Stormer concept car, first shown at the Detroit auto show in January 2004. "The HST allows a Range Rover Sport customer to drive the closest thing there is to the radical Range Stormer, our first ever concept vehicle and a real milestone for the company," says Land Rover UK managing director, John Edwards.  Read More

Land Rover’s e-Terrain concept showcases new environmental initiatives

March 2, 2006 Land Rover is showcasing a catalogue of innovative technologies – collectively known as the e-Terrain System – that reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while also improving the outstanding breadth of capability of Land Rover’s 4x4 vehicles. The efficient technology contribute to a potential 30 per cent improvement in fuel economy over a current vehicle of similar size and performance. And most of the technologies will be available on Land Rover production models starting in the next few years.  Read More

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