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Roccat Sova aims to bring PC gaming to the couch

By - July 8, 2014 2 Pictures
Roccat’s Sova modular wireless keyboard aims to tackle sofa-based PC gaming by consolidating the mouse and keyboard onto a single surface without sacrificing precise controls. That’s a pretty big mission statement, and while the prototype unit shown off at E3 shows a lot of promise, the team isn't done with refinement, and is looking for community input to help steer the product towards its consumer release. Read More
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ROCCAT Power-Grid turns your smartphone into a PC gaming control board

By - March 21, 2012 11 Pictures
German gaming peripheral specialist ROCCAT Studios has developed a new system which leverages smartphone technology to enhance the experience of PC gaming. As well as being able to use a smartphone to store and activate gameplay buttons, Power-Grid technology also allows users to wirelessly control PC settings from the mobile device, display vital system performance data and keep in touch with the real world - all while staying fully absorbed in the game. Read More

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