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Rinspeed’s Transparent eXasis Concept

December 19, 2006 We just luuuuv Rinspeed – every year the Swiss engineering futurists produce one or more remarkable automotive ideas which we feature and they never fail to produce something stimulating and thought-provoking about the future of transportation. The 2007 installment is the fully transparent creation eXasis. The insect-like body and even the floor pan of the seemingly “glass” concept car actually consist of a transparent high-tech plastic with a tinge of pale yellow. The eXasis has open wheels, a cigar-shaped body with fore and aft tandem seating, and has elements of the legendary Auto Union race cars from the first half of the last century combined with a modern Baja-1000 off-road vehicle. The car will be shown for the first time at the Geneva Auto Show next March.  Read More

Rinspeed Splash makes amphibious English Channel attempt

July 27, 2006 The English channel is without doubt the world’s busiest waterway, even before the raft of record attempts we have seen for amphibious vehicles in recent times. Yet another amphibious vehicle took to the waters this week, and although the outright amphibious vehicle record remained intact, and the amphibious car record also remained unscathed, there’s a new record for hydrofoil amphibians which has been set by Rinspeed and its outrageous Splash concept car.  Read More

The Rinspeed Porsche 997 'Gullwing'

June 1, 2005 Swiss automotive design customizing Rinspeed has given us some of the most innovative four-wheeled designs of the last decade, usually with cars that morph from one shape or purpose to another, such as the Presto, Bedouin, Splash and Senso. This time there's no morphing, just a new and exclusive look for the Porsche 911 (997). Whether Carrera or Carrera S, Coupe or Convertible, Rinspeed has an aerodynamics package for these models, with the highlight being the reworked original doors now swing upwards instead of laterally, for the distinctive gullwing look.  Read More

EDAG and Rinspeed present the 600 horsepower Chopster SUV

February 19, 2005 Last November Gizmag released the first information about the Porsche Cayenne-based Rinspeed Chopster and at the time we commented that the beautiful Cayenne was a most unlikely vehicle to mess with. The new 600 horsepower Chopster SUV will debut at the Geneva Motor Show and interestingly, it somehow got a lot better looking in the last three months. A collaboration between two of the most innovative automotive companies in the world, the Chopster offers 800nM of torque and costs around 325,000 Euro.  Read More

Rinspeed zaZen – vision of the future automobile unveiled

February 17, 2005 Rinspeed and Bayer MaterialScience have finally unveiled images and details of the car we previewed in December as “Automotive enlightenment on four wheels” - the jointly develop concept zaZen involves a number of revolutionary lighting techniques and a transparent hardtop and will be displayed to the public at the Geneva Motor Show on February 28, 2006. zaZen is the work of famous Swiss designer, Frank M. Rinderknecht, and it represents his vision of the car of the future. The vehicle was produced in cooperation with Bayer MaterialScience, one of the world's largest plastics producers. It also embraces a technical revolution in car manufacture, with the transparent backlite being turned into a luminous holographic area. As if from nowhere, the third brake light shines out of what looks like a floating transparent hardtop. Rinspeed consistently produces innovative concept cars, but this time it has outdone itself.  Read More

Rinspeed's Senso: the car that senses the driver

Automotive innovator Rinspeed has done it again. Each year Rinspeed releases one or more prototypes that push the edge of the automotive design envelope. This year, the company delved into the future again, with a car that senses the driver and reacts accordingly. The "Senso" actually "senses" the driver by measuring his (or her) biometric data, and then exerts a positive effect on him with the help of patterns, colors, music and fragrances. A person who is relaxed and wide-awake simply drives better and more safely.  Read More

Rinspeed Senso

December 22, 2004 Cars that monitor the driver's key biometric indicators so they can respond accordingly are on the horizon. Innovative Swiss automobile design studio Rinspeed has collaborated with plastics giant Bayer MaterialScience to produce a vision of the next generation of cars with the "Senso" concept car. Few details have been released at this stage as the car is being readied for the European 2005 auto show circuit, but the idea behind the car is that it will sense and adapt to the driver's mood. The car apparently uses a combination of biometric and other information to assess the driver's mindset, then assists the driver to reach an optimum state of mind by altering ambient light, and "feel, smell and sound."  Read More

Rinspeed 'chops' the Porsche Cayenne

November 2, 2004 The latest creation of the Swiss design powerhouse and tuner Rinspeed is the Porsche Cayenne-based Chopster, inspired by the mostly American cult to lower the roof line ('chop') on even the most unlikely vehicles. And the Cayenne, one of the best looking multi-purpose machines on the market, is an unlikely vehicle to mess with.  Read More

Rinspeed Bedouin - collapsible car concept heads off-road

Saturday August 2, 2003: Based on the Porsche 996 turbo, the Bedouin is the latest concept from Rinspeed Design, the Swiss company that introduced the Presto collapsible concept car in 2002. The all-wheel-drive Bedouin can automatically be transformed from a two-seater pick-up into a four-seater sports wagon in less than 10 seconds.  Read More

Rinspeed Splash - amphibious sportscar unveiled

The Rinspeed Splash Amphibious Hydrofoil Sportscar previewed by Gizmo in December 2003 was unveiled to the world at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show - the Splash is capable of 80 kmh (approx. 45 knots) on the water and 200 kmh on land. The design is yet another concept from Swiss creative studio Rinspeed, whose concept designs have graced the pages of Gizmo several times in our short history. In 2002 it was the Presto, a collapsible car which turned from a four seat convertible to a two-seater at the press of a button. Then, last August Rinspeed showed the Bedouin, an off-road vehicle capable of extending and retracting just like the Presto. In early January this year we showed the CAD drawings of the Splash and now the car has been unveiled, the tenth Rinspeed concept car and the most outrageous to date.  Read More

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