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Ricoh GR II adds Wi-Fi to the cult street shooter

By - June 18, 2015 7 Pictures

The last time Ricoh updated its GR-series of fixed focal length compact cameras, it made big improvements to the cult street shooter including the use of a large DSLR-like APS-C sensor and a slightly bigger body. The firm obviously thinks it got something right back then, because it's just announced its successor, the GR II, and other than the addition of built-in Wi-Fi and a bigger buffer, not a lot seems to have changed.

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The Pentax K-S1 DSLR lights up like a Christmas tree

By - August 28, 2014 5 Pictures
The Pentax K-S1 does not look like your typical DSLR. Not just because the 20 megapixel camera is available in the sort of variety of colors we've come to expect from Pentax. But because it also features an intriguing illumination interface with LEDs built into the camera body to indicate its current status of operation, count down for a self-timer or show the number of faces identified in a shot. Read More
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Ricoh reveals 51.4-megapixel Pentax 645Z medium-format DSLR

By - April 16, 2014 7 Pictures
Just a few months ago, there were no medium-format cameras with CMOS sensors. Now, it feels like you can't turn around in a camera store without bumping into one. Following hot on the heels of the Hasselblad H5D-50c and Phase One IQ250 is the Pentax 645Z, from Ricoh Imaging. An update to the Pentax 645D, the new US$8,500 medium-format DSLR features a 51.4-megapixel CMOS sensor, a wide sensitivity range, and Full HD video recording. Read More
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Ricoh outs new ruggedized cameras and action mounts

By - February 8, 2014 12 Pictures
Ricoh has revealed a trio of new ruggedized cameras which are designed to cope with the demands of thrill-seeking photographers. In addition to being tough enough to use in extreme conditions - whether that's underwater, in very cold temperatures, or being subjected to shocks - the new WG-4 GPS, WG-4 and WG-20 cameras will also work with a new action-oriented mounting system. Read More
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Review: The Ricoh Theta

By - December 2, 2013 26 Pictures
Starting out as a rather chunky hammerhead concept shown at CES 2013, the Theta panoramic camera has since been slimmed down, streamlined and released. Stunning 360 degree views can be instantly captured at the push of a button, the device can be remotely operated via smartphone, and images uploaded to an online photo album and shared on social media. Gizmag has spent the last few weeks generating lots of immersive bubble panoramas with the Theta, and the novelty has yet to wear off. But is the camera worth its rather high price tag? Read More

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