Drones Review

Walkera F210 3D review: The full FPV drone racing experience, straight out of the box

Drone racing is one of the most exciting sports to spring up in recent years. It doesn't seem to make much of an arena spectacle for an audience yet, but the video highlights are wild, and it's an awesome sport to participate in. Up until recently, it's been a bit of a geek's game, but ready-to-fly racing quadcopters are set to open things up to a whole new generation of pilots that don't have any interest in building their own aircraft. And this one's a doozy: Walkera's F210 3D arrives fully assembled, and it's crazy fast, super responsive, easy and fun to fly. It's also built like a brick ... outhouse, so it's ready to take all kinds of crash abuse. We've had one on deck for a week and Loz is starting to feel like he might get hooked on this thing.Read More

Wearables Review

Review: Garmin's Vivoactive HR knows exactly how sporty you are

The Garmin Vivoactive HR is a comprehensive activity, sport, and sleep-tracking GPS watch. With the addition of heart-rate tracking, it now logs enough metrics to keep all but the most ardent fitness fanatics happy, and has specific sports modes ranging from running and cycling to stand-up paddleboarding and skiing. We recently spent a few weeks running ourselves ragged to see what it can do. Read More

Automotive Review

Review: The perky little free-thinker that is the Citroen C4 Cactus

In a world of cookie-cutter city crossovers, you could be forgiven for thinking there were no alternatives out there for free-thinking individuals. Well, you could be forgiven, but you'd also be wrong, because the Citroen C4 Cactus is the perfect antidote to the dreary sameness you get from most economical cars. It's a bit weird, but the Cactus lets you celebrate economical motoring rather than forcing you to simply endure it.Read More


Review: Laser-shooting Lumma gets a grip on bicycle lighting

If you commute by bicycle after dark, then you need lights. Not everyone wants a headlight cluttering up their handlebars, however, plus they may forget to bring it if they head out while the sun's still up. That's why Lumma was created. It's a set of bar grips that feature unobtrusive built-in head- and tail lights, along with laser lane markers. We tried it out, to see if it's up to snuff.Read More


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