October 31, 2006 The Specialty Equipment Markets Association (SEMA) Show opens in Las Vegas today and one of the stars of the show will undoubtedly be the extensively modified 2006 Scion xB on the Visteon stand which incorporates several new and pretty important technologies in not just automotive entertainment but mobile entertainment in general. Visteon is using the Scion to showcase the first transportable HD Radio receiver (pictured with docking stations in the car and the home), an in-vehicle portable entertainment system that plays movies, music, Nintendo Game Boy Advance video games and a Wireless Charging Concept (main picture), that allows users to charge handheld devices such as an iPod, cellular phone or PDA and does not interfere with the operation of other electronics. Read More
November 22, 2005 Let me just get this out there: we're not audiophiles. There, we said it. When we went looking for the ideal receiver, we were more concerned about video and audio input types than we were sound quality. It's a lucky coincidence that we found Outlaw Audio, and that their clever engineers knew what it was that we actually needed better than we did. They designed a device that delivers audiophile quality, at a consumer audio price, and throws in a helping of digital gear head satisfaction to boot. Their new 1070 A/V Receiver is a wonderful example of designing just what's needed to get the job done correctly, and at US$899 the closest competing product we could find was a Denon unit that costs over 6 times the price. Read More
November 2, 2005 Sony showed an interesting new take on the car audio market at the SEMA show which opened yesterday in Las Vegas - an AM/FM CD/MP3 receiver capable of storing up to 500 tracks and receiving music directly from a computer. The new receiver has 1GB of flash memory and a USB port engineered into the faceplate. When the faceplate is removed from the receiver and connected to a Windows PC, it is recognised as an external drive. With the provided USB cable, users can quickly transfer and save MP3 and WMA files to the faceplate. Read More
Philips Semiconductors has launched a range of fully-integrated single chip stereo radios for use in low voltage and low power applications such as mobile phones, MP3 players, portable CD players, toys and other portable devices... Read More