Aston Martin wreaks havoc on Le Mans ... with Razor Crazy Carts?

When you're preparing for one of the world's biggest, most challenging car races, sometimes it's good to let the butterflies out of the cage and blow off some steam. Aston Martin Racing team members did just that when they parked their V8 Vantage GTE cars and dropped into the "cockpit" of something a little more compact and playful – Razor Crazy Carts specially dressed in authentic Aston Martin trim. Read More


Razor will make drifting easier, with the Crazy Cart Shift

Razor has used London Toy Fair 2016 to announce its latest Crazy Cart, and this one is designed to make drifting even easier than previous models. The Crazy Cart Shift makes a number of changes which will enable younger drivers to achieve serious drifts, including easier steering wheel-based drifting and an 8 mph (13 km/h) max speed.Read More

Around The Home

Zafirro's blades of sapphire pare hair with micrometer-level precision

Unless Movember is a year-round lifestyle choice, you're probably shaving on a regular basis. And with all things being equal, people with more and/or thicker hair tend to cycle through replacement cartridges faster. Well, those folks will be glad to know that the latest shaving tool utilizes science and technology to create blades that are harder, sharper, and last much longer than steel. Zafirro's Z2 razor is designed with a pair of white sapphire blades to cut hair and reduce disposable waste.Read More


The hilarious Razor Crazy Cart drift machine

When the Crazy Cart first launched in the USA, Canada and Australia last year, it made a huge splash. Not just for its awesome sideways drifting action, but because it featured quite frankly the best promotional video we've ever seen. Now, Razor has announced that its "ultimate drift machine" is available in the UK from August 1.Read More

Electronics Review

Review: ShaveTech USB travel razor

I like to pack light when I travel. If possible, I even try to only bring a carry-on bag on flights. Therefore, I welcome anything that allows me to carry less stuff. The ShaveTech USB-powered razor is just such an item – it has most of the functionality of a full-sized electric razor, yet it’s about the size of a smartphone. Over the past several days, I’ve had the chance to try the thing out. Read More


Close shave with Thanko USB Electric Razor

Got a last-minute hot date? Meeting with the boss? Getting snide comments about your ‘porn star mustache’? Or just couldn’t be bothered? Whatever your reason for needing a quick shave at work, the Thanko USB Electric Razor is your savior. Just plug it into the USB port on your computer, and whiskers-be-gone. And if your monitor’s nice and shiny, who needs a mirror?Read More

Around The Home

Six-bladed Rolling Razor ups the ante against sharp competition

If you watch a lot of TV commercials, you could be forgiven for thinking that today's top white-coated science professionals have no higher goal than delivering you and I the perfect shaver. Gillette, having almost reached the logical conclusion of its "more blades = more sales" policy, currently touts the "Fusion Power Phenom" as its flagship stubble eliminator, packing no fewer than FIVE blades, one precision trimmer, 15 microfins and a battery-powered, microchip controlled micropulse generator that improves "razor glide." But Rolling Razor are fighting back with a rubber-grip ring mounted, double tilting headed monster featuring no less than SIX blades mounted in opposing directions so you can shave UP as well as DOWN.Read More


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