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A 7,300 lb (3,311 kg) floating skateboard ramp was installed on Lake Tahoe as part of Visi...

A 7,300 lb (3,311 kg) floating skateboard ramp has been installed on Lake Tahoe as part of Visit California's Dream365 tourism campaign. The ramp took four days and 300 man hours to complete before it was lowered into the Californian lake and put to the test by pro skateboarder Bob Burnquist.  Read More

The EZ Launch canoe and kayak ramp system

If you’ve ever tried getting in or out of a canoe or kayak that’s floating alongside a dock... well, it’s actually not that hard if you’ve got some practice, but a quick viewing of just about any funny home videos program will show that mishaps do indeed happen. That moment of transferring your weight between a stable dock and a less-stable boat can sometimes end up in an unintended dunking, and plenty of laughs at the paddler’s expense. A new product, the EZ Launch, is a floating ramp system that eases boat and paddler in and out of the water, and is intended to keep such impromptu baptisms to a minimum.  Read More

Main ramp in living room

For skating lovers who heard the phrase ‘don’t you dare skate in the house’ one too many times as a kid, this might just be the dream home you’ve always wanted. The unique dwelling is described as having a ‘curved form interior’ (otherwise known as a ramp), but it's not just 'a house with a ramp in it'. Archivirus Architecture and Design's creation sets out to deliver a completely 'skatable habitat' for the client (which is not actually Tony Hawk -he has his half-pipe built in the backyard) with smooth concrete and curved spaces to enhance the idea of motion.  Read More

Enhanced passenger protection: active head restraint and anti-submarining ramp

September 20, 2005 At this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Johnson Controls revealed some novel occupant protection concepts: two new versions of an active head restraint and an active anti-submarining ramp. The new solutions are designed to reduce the risk of whiplash and of injuries to passengers' pelvis and legs. By contrast with conventional solutions, new technologies have enabled Johnson Controls to optimize the functionality of both the active head restraint and the active anti-submarining ramp. Thus, they can react faster and more reliably to enhance occupant protection. In addition, these products can easily be integrated into existing seating systems.  Read More

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