Cloud-seeding drones to bring the rain

Firing particle-loaded rockets into the sky and spraying chemicals from airplanes are just a couple of ways scientists are already attempting to boost rainfall in drier regions of the world. But they may soon have a new tool at their disposal, with researchers in the US successfully testing a cloud-seeding drone aimed at offering a cheaper and safer alternative.Read More

Stebles Bike will sport integrated carbon fiber fenders

If you're a cyclist who rides in the rain frequently, chances are that you're going to put fenders on your daily commuter bike. Doing so can be a hassle, however, plus they often end up rattling or rubbing. That's why UK product designer Mark Stebles created his Stebles Bike – its front and rear mudguards are actually part of its frame.Read More


Cypress Umbrella doesn't flip out, thanks to automotive-inspired rib suspension system

Quality products generally make tasks easier to accomplish while lasting longer than their cheaper counterparts. When it comes to staying dry outside in tempestuous weather, however, almost all umbrellas tend to suffer similar shortcomings. The Cypress, however, may be the last and best umbrella you'll ever own, as its telescopic suspension system is designed to be stronger, durable, and more resistant to flipping inside-out.Read More


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