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ECOmove has announced a delay in the production of its QBEAK electric car, which was sched...

The close of 2012 is but a few short days away, and the promised production version of the QBEAK electric car has yet to appear. Its Danish developers have advised that unforeseen challenges along the route to producing what they claim will be the most environmentally-, energy- and city-friendly car in the world have eaten away at the original time schedule and forced a launch date rethink. Meanwhile, the company has unveiled a third prototype that marks a significant improvement on earlier versions.  Read More

The first EV to use the MECc range extender will be ECOmove's forthcoming QBEAK

A collaborative project involving ECOmove, Insero E-Mobility and Serenergy is aiming to produce a fuel cell range extender for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) that should boost the distance between charges to at least 497 miles (800 km). The first vehicle to receive the new bio-methanol-based Modular Energy Carrier concept (MECc) cells will be the QBEAK car we featured yesterday.  Read More

ECOmove's QBEAK is an electric car targeted at urban dwellers

Over the last few years, electric cars have become more mainstream with the launch of successful models such as the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf. Now, Danish developer and manufacturer ECOmove hopes to enter the expanding e-car market with its QBEAK model, which is slated to hit the road in 2012.  Read More

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