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Elgato's HDHomeRun streams and records live TV over Wi-Fi

Elgato has just released – or to be technically correct, re-released – the latest addition to its line of digital TV tuners for PCs and Macs. The HDHomeRun is a rebranded dual tuner that has been sold by SiliconDust for nearly five years now and also sold in its previous incarnation by Elgato since mid-2007. The device has however received an update and is a little smaller and sexier than the original model, but still offers PC and Mac users the same ability to watch and record HDTV over a local wireless network.Read More


Elgato EyeTV HD PVR lets users watch and edit cable and sat TV on a Mac

Want to turn your Mac into a DVR with full access to premium cable or satellite TV content? Elgato says its customers can do just with its EyeTV HD, that lets users watch, record, edit and enjoy cable and satellite TV in high-definition, including all their premium channels, on a Mac. What’s more, the EyeTV HD includes a unique dual-format capture mode that records in iPad and iPhone formats at the same time, allowing users to stream live and recorded TV to an iPhone or iPad using the optional EyeTV app.Read More

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Gizmag reviews Elgato’s Netstream DTT: a digital TV transmitter for the home

German-based company Elgato is well known for its range of digital television tuners that turn a Mac (and more recently a Windows PC) into a fully-fledged PVR/TV as well as its easy-to-use EyeTV software that has become the standard for Mac-based PVR functionality. Released in February, the EyeTV Netstream DTT is the latest bit of hardware to join Elgato’s venerable line of hardware that lets users go mobile by streaming digital television or recorded programs over a wireless home network. We took a unit through its paces to see if it lives up to Elgato’s previous offerings.Read More

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The Metz Primus 55 FHDTV 200 twin R – the TV with the lot

The Metz Primus 55 HDTV 200 twin R was shown for the first time at IFA in Berlin yesterday and it’ll be as close to the state-of-the-art all-purpose TV when it goes on sale in November. As brilliant (200 Hz, 1920 x 1080, LED and backlight with Local Area Dimming) as the 55 inch picture is, it’s the connectivity (integrated HDTV tuner, DVB-C and DVB-T), separate sound module and 500 GB digital recorder (PVR) which makes it very special – open the back and there’s a circuit board designed for easy removal and upgrading. They’re the first to do it and won’t be the last! Read More

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LG 50” Plasma TV with 160GB HDD

LG’s new PG6900 50” plasma TV features a twin HD digital tuners, a built in hard-disk drive, electronic program guides and timer record function for versatile PVR like function all in one neat package. Freeview Playback allows you to also pause, slow down and rewind live TV. The 160GB HDD allows for more than 48 hours of recording time at full quality and more than 86 hours at standard quality. Read More

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Meridian/Ferrari collaboration yields versatile, all-in-one home entertainment system

December 14, 2007 Combining the acoustic and electrical engineering smarts of Meridian Audio with the materials and composites technology expertise of Ferrari, the Meridian F80 is an eye-catching, all-in-one portable home entertainment system that delivers high-end sound and exceptional versatility. Its sculptured, high-tech enclosure design with a deep gloss lacquered finish house an FM/AM and DAB radio, CD player, DVD player and 80 watt, 2.1 digital loudspeaker system and yes - it's available in Ferrari's signature red.Read More


Sony accelerates PS3 and PSP convergence with PVR and GPS accessories

August 23, 2007 In an ironic twist on the convergence theme, Sony has made some significant announcements at the Games Convention in Leipzig moving the PS3 and PSP towards becoming general entertainment and convenience platforms. Announcements included a TV Tuner and PVR software for PS3, a Video Download Service for PSP in conjunction with BSkyB, a voice chat, video chat and instant messaging service for PSP, and a satellite navigation accessory for PSP. On top of the recent release of the EUR50 Go!Cam which turns a PSP into a video and still camera, the “c” word (convergence) is very relevant.Read More

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Godzilla PVR records 4 high definition and 7 standard definition TV shows simultaneously

January 20, 2006 SnapStream Media develops digital entertainment products that leverage PC technology and there's logically no end to what can be achieved given the rate of development of the multi-splendorous thing that is the PC, but sometimes we just shake our head when it comes to trying to look into what might be possible in the distant future, let alone the near future. SnapStream's Beyond TV DVR software received PC Magazine's Product of the Year Award in December 2004, was referred to as "an idea whose time has come" by the Associated Press and declared "better than TiVo" by Maximum PC. In 2005, the company produced the Hydra PVR which records TEN shows at the same time, bettering the company’s previous top-of-the-range Medusa, which records five shows consecutively. Now it has gone one better again with the creation of the Godzilla PVR. Godzilla is an ultra high end HTPC designed to showcase what can be done with a sick mind and a copy of Beyond TV 4 - it is capable of recording 11 shows, (4 high definition and 7 standard definition), all at the same time. With Beyond TV 4’s HDTV support and with its unlimited tuners, you can create your own monster system. Indeed, if anyone can create one bigger than this, please let us know. Read More


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