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Prompt-it turns your iPhone into a teleprompter

By - July 6, 2010 5 Pictures
There was a time, not so very long ago, when high-resolution video cameras, non-linear editing suites and the ability to reach millions of potential viewers were exclusively the domain of TV stations. All that has changed, of course, in the past decade or so. What many New Media on-camera personalities still lack, however, is the smooth, polished delivery of professional TV hosts. Is that because the Big Boys and Girls have journalism degrees and years of experience? Perhaps partly, but it’s also because they have a teleprompter feeding them their lines. Now, you can have yours fed to you too, by getting a Prompt-it - a gizmo that turns your iPhone into a teleprompter-on-a-budget. Take that, Oprah Winfrey! Read More
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Bodelin Launches ProPrompter for iPhone

By - April 14, 2009 3 Pictures
April 15, 2009 After being swamped with requests at NAB 2008 to use the ProPrompter Pocket PC with an iPhone or iPod touch, Bodelin has done just that. It features landscape mode, smooth scrolling, seven speed levels with on the fly adjustment, unlimited script capacity, a wide variety of fonts and font sizes, and background colors, excellent readability in bright sunlight, looping, recue, mirroring for use with the ProPrompter in-lens teleprompter and an extensive help menu. ProPrompter software is expected to be available as a free download in the Apple App Store by NAB on April 20, and the aluminum ProPrompter Wing Mount costs US$130 to attach the iPhone to the tripod mount of any camera. Read More
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Low cost professional Teleprompter for digital video producers

By - October 5, 2005 12 Pictures
October 6, 2005 If you ever wondered why reporters and news anchors look and sound so knowledgeable, one of the primary reasons is that they use teleprompters. A teleprompter mirrors the script from a laptop to a small LCD, which is reflected onto an angled beam splitter mirror in front of the camera lens. The audience never sees it but the “talent” reads the script as it scrolls on the screen. With the line between professional television and digital video production getting greyer by the day, and Apple Macintosh playing such a huge role in the production, we thought the new ProPrompter LCD was worth a mention. It’s a professional portable teleprompter made for the new world of DV cameras without the high costs associated with professional gear. Read More

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