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Portable Video

August 25, 2007 Portable video is set to boom, with video iPods and other devices now storing huge amounts of content and packing the battery life to make them worthwhile. The one thing these pocket-sized devices can’t get around though, is the fact that nobody likes watching movies on a 2.5-inch screen, which is where these ezVision video glasses come in. Slip them on and pop the earbuds in and you’re treated to a private screening with a virtual screen size of 50” and a relaxed viewing distance that’s not too hard on the eyes. Nifty! Read More
June 4, 2007 We've long been excited by the possibilities offered by wearable micro-screens. The ability to mount a miniature display in a set of glasses opens up a whole new portable video experience where any seat on the bus can be a personal movie theatre and you'll be able to enjoy your video in complete privacy. Now, with the anouncement of a volume manufacturing facility in Dresden, Germany, MicroEmissive Displays (MED) is ready to step beyond the prototype and bring commercial microscreens into the mass market. They'll start things off with mass production of the eyescreen ME3204, a 320 x 240 RGB display packed into a 6mm pixel array. It's tiny, bright and clear, with ultra-low power consumption, and the wearer sees the equivalent of a 30" screen at a 2 metre distance. Read More
May 18, 2007 Consumer electronics giant Sony once ruled the world of portable audio - their Walkman and Discman brands became synonymous for hand held cassette and CD players around the world. Yet somehow, despite a solid reputation in personal audio, Sony missed the boat when portable entertainment went digital, letting Apple's iPod and a host of other devices snatch a massive market share that it has never been able to eat back into. Yesterday, the company announced the launch of its latest Walkman - the NW-A800 series - a digital personal audio/video player that Sony hopes will bring the company back into the contest. Will it stack up against the wildly popular iPod? Read More
March 7, 2007 Archos continued its charge towards a significant market share in the Portable Media Player (PMP) market yesterday when it announced the Archos 704-WiFi, the only PMP with a 7-inch touch-screen and full wireless capabilities. The new 704-WiFi presents the highest quality screen with 800x480 resolution and 5x7 dimensions, making it similar in size to a standard photograph and will be priced at US$550. The Archos 704-WiFi joins the company’s 604-WiFi in offering complete PMP features — video, music and photo playback — with full Internet access for surfing the Web and sending email. The new 704-WiFi features an 80GB hard drive with the capacity to store 100 hours of video, or about 70 DVD-quality movies, as well as two high-quality speakers for enhanced audio even without headphones. The 704-WiFi also supports video downloads from the new online stores of leading retailers, giving consumers the flexibility to enjoy their entertainment wherever they want, in their own place, on their own time. Read More
January 12, 2006 The Macworld Conference and expo regained some of its former sparkle yesterday, with Apple’s star again on the rise thanks to the iPod becoming the high-tech darling of the masses and the announcements of Apple’s new Intel relationship. One announcement that missed prime time yesterday but could be very significant in the near term was MicroOptical’s myvu personal media viewer. The myvu viewer, which comprises eyewear with built in video viewing and audio systems, significantly enhances the way people watch video with an Apple iPod. We’ve previously written up the success of the MYVU in France, where under the Orange brand it is paired by France Telecom with a Samsung D600 cell phone, but when the masses realize they can can have a hands-free, heads-up access to a large virtual screen by connecting to their video iPod, well, cyber serf city will never look the same again. Read More
October 13, 2005—Apple has finally released one of the most anticipated products in consumer electronics history - the video iPod. The fifth generation iPod features a 2.5-inch colour screen which can display album artwork and photos, and play video including music videos, video Podcasts, home movies and television shows. The new iPod is available in a 30GB model for US$299 and a 60GB model for US$399, with both models available in white or black designs. Read More
July 10, 2005 France Telecom's wireless unit, Orange SA, will soon roll out a new mobile video service that will let cellular phone subscribers view TV, movies, photos and broadband Internet content with a big screen viewing effect using video eyewear from MicroOptical. MicroOptical's video eyewear contains two Kopin full-colour, QVGA-resolution (320 x 240) CyberDisplay 230K microdisplays. The sleek eyewear allows users to privately view large-size video or pictures equivalent to a 12-inch screen as seen from three feet away, yet simultaneously view their surroundings thanks to the small size of the frame and MicroOptical's patented optics which allow the user to see around the screen. Read More
February 21, 2005 ARCHOS has launched the world's first 100-gigabyte portable video recorder (PVR) , the Pocket Video Recorder AV4100. The AV4100 allows consumers to enjoy a massive 100-gigabye storage capacity to record and save even more television shows, movies, music, photos and data for the ultimate handheld entertainment experience. The AV4100 delivers advanced multimedia features including recording and scheduling capabilities, full audio recording and playback, photo viewing, and data storage, ideal for commuters, business travellers and family holidays. Read More
A set of glasses that receive data directly and discreetly on an integrated miniature screen have been shown at CeBit 2003. Eyetop, the first commercial pair of glasses with an integrated monitor can be connected to all digital devices... Read More