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Sifteo Cubes Intelligent Play system goes portable

By - August 30, 2012 7 Pictures
About this time last year we announced the release of Sifteo Cubes Intelligent Play - a system where age-old building blocks are given a thoroughly modern reworking, with cubes sporting a touch-sensitive color LCD display, onboard sensing technology, an embedded computer and games and puzzles sent wirelessly from a nearby PC or laptop. Now the educational gameplay system has been treated to an update. The addition of a new Sifteo Base to the system allows players of the next generation system to venture beyond the radio range of the previous version. The maximum number of cubes available for gameplay has also been doubled for more complex puzzles, to unlock new levels or just to get more family members involved in the action. Read More
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Neo Geo X Gold to launch December 6

By - August 13, 2012 2 Pictures
First released as an arcade system and then two console models in the early 1990's, the Neo Geo's high price and relatively low adoption ensured its sales never reached the heights of more mainstream devices like those made by Nintendo and Sega, but the Neo Geo name still commands a strong cult following to this day due to its fantastic catalog of titles such as Fatal Fury, King Of Fighters and Windjammers. Now, more than two decades after its initial release, the Neo Geo is to rise again, reborn as a portable gaming console with included dock and joystick. Read More
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Alienware M14x, M17x and M18x gaming laptops now with Ivy Bridge

By - May 1, 2012 12 Pictures
Hot on the heels of last week’s preview of Intel’s 3rd-generation Core i5 and i7 Ivy Bridge mobile processors, Dell’s Alienware high performance PC gaming brand has announced Ivy Bridge availability in its refreshed M14x, M17x, and M18x gaming laptops. The three units also get new GPU and storage options, a dedicated Creative Sound Blaster chip, and THX TruStudio software. Read More
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GameGadget handheld puts classic games in the palm of your hand

By - March 14, 2012 5 Pictures
It wasn’t so long ago that the mobile gaming space was dominated by Nintendo and Sony. While both companies continue to stake a claim for the mobile gaming pie with the release of their latest handhelds – the 3DS and PlayStation Vita – dedicated mobile gaming consoles have been under serious fire from smartphones in recent years. But that hasn’t stopped a UK-based company entering the arena with the GameGadget – an open source console designed to let fans get their hands on classic games titles. Read More
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Nintendo 3DS review

Nintendo's 3DS has been in the wild for a while, but now that the hype surrounding the device has died down a bit we decided to cast an eye over the console that promised to revolutionize portable gaming when it was released earlier this year. The 3DS follows the clamshell form factor Nintendo first introduced on the Game Boy Advance SP back in 2003 and the look and feel of the console will be pretty familiar to anyone who has used any of Nintendo's DS line, but the 3DS sees a couple of useful design changes in addition to the headline-grabbing 3D capabilities. Read More
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Dell updates Alienware M11x, announces new M18x and M14x

By - April 21, 2011 7 Pictures
After a good deal of speculation, Dell has announced two new additions to its Alienware gaming brand and one updated favorite. The new flagship M18x desktop replacement notebook – modestly described by the company as the "most powerful 18-inch gaming laptop in the universe" – features a factory-overclocked second generation Core i7 processor, dual graphics and supports up to 32GB of DDR3 memory. The M14x comes in two display options, dual or quad Core i7 processors and an impressive eight hour battery life. The refreshed M11x gets treated to some new processors, USB 3.0 and HDMI 1.4 connectivity. Read More
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Add some audio oomph to portable gaming with Razer's new Ferox speakers

By - February 2, 2011 4 Pictures
Getting caught up in the game depends just as much on immersive audio as it does engaging visuals. Gaming specialist Razer reckons that it's come up with a pair of portable gaming speakers that offer listeners room-filling, omnidirectional sonic enjoyment in a very compact package. The new Ferox speakers feature a rising resonance chamber mechanism, which is sure to prove a talking point in addition to providing some bass oomph. Read More
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Nintendo's 3DS gets official European and U.S. release date

By - January 19, 2011 2 Pictures
Nintendo has announced that its much-anticipated 3DS, which offers glasses-free 3D gaming, will launch in Europe on March 25, closely followed by a U.S. release on March 27. This comes after the previously announced February 26 release date for Japan, where it will retail for JPY25,000 (approx. US$305). In the U.S. the device will be priced at US$249.99, while pricing outside these markets will be set by local retailers – UK retailers are quoting a price range of UKP219 to 229 (approx. US$350 to $366). Read More

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