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Heat resistant exhaust coating helping vehicle manufacturers meet Euro 5 emissions standards

By - June 3, 2007 2 Pictures
June 4, 2007 We've spoken previously about the amazing heatproofing properties of Zircotec's ceramic thermal coating. Extremely heat resistant, the coating has been put to use by several Formula One teams to move heat out of the engine bays of their race cars. Now it seems this highly effective spray-on coating could have a part to play in emissions reduction and assisting engine manufacturers in meeting the strict Euro 5 emissions standards while contributing to power increases. Read More
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Panasonic to sell 103-inch plasma display

By - April 22, 2006 3 Pictures
April 23, 2006 Worldwide demand for plasma TV screens is expected to top 25 million units in 2010 – plasma displays are just that much bigger for the price. Accordingly, we have a market shaping up as a wonderful contest between the world’s largest plasma manufacturers. Prior to 2006, LG and Samsung had both displayed 102 inch not-for sale plasmas, but in January at CES, Panasonic unveiled a 103 inch and claimed the heavyweight championship. Now, Panasonic has decided to put the 103-inch screen into production. Yes folks, you’ll actually be able to buy one before the end of the year though no price has been mentioned just yet. We think this will signal a declaration of war in the very large display market as the highly competitive Korean companies LG and Samsung love to play “mine’s bigger than yours” and can be expected to focus attention on the area. Read More
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LG announces retail availability of World's largest (71-Inch) production plasma display

By - April 6, 2006 2 Pictures
April 7, 2006 The ever-changing digital display landscape received a seismic tremor yesterday when LG announced the U.S. availability of its 71-inch Plasma High-Definition Monitor (MW-71PY10), the largest production plasma display in the world. The mammoth MW-71PY10 boasts 1920x1080p display resolution, making it among the first plasma displays to offer the full HD specification, about twice the resolution of conventional plasma displays. The unit also incorporates LG's proprietary XD Engine technology, which takes the low resolution of analog signals to near high-definition levels, providing consumers with better overall picture quality and viewing experience. This offering can be broken down into six distinct processes that help to improve brightness, enhance detail, and apply more accurate color and noise reduction with film-like high-resolution. Read More
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World's largest plasma display: Panasonic 103-inch 1080p

By - January 4, 2006 4 Pictures
January 5, 2006 Panasonic will begin showing a super-large-size prototype 103-inch plasma display panel (PDP) at its booth at the 2006 International CES later today. The 103-inch PDP has 1080p (progressive) HDTV resolution and can deliver more than two million pixels (1,920 x 1,080) of performance – not surprisingly, it’s world’s largest plasma display, edging narrowly ahead of the 102-inch Samsung shown at CES last year. Given Samsung’s penchant for having the largest and mostest of everything, we suspect it won’t take long for the Korean giant to leapfrog back into the lead, but for now the record goes to Japan and Panasonic (and ultimately to Matsushita, Panasonic’s parent company). Read More
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Philips LCD and plasma screens win blind comparison test

By - June 8, 2005 5 Pictures
June 9, 2005 There isn't a big screen manufacturer on the planet without a team of fast-talking, jargon-wielding product managers and technical experts who are all incredibly good at convincing you their brand is the most technologically advanced in existence. Which made it a refreshing change when Philips invited us to a blind comparison test – over 400 retailers and journalists were invited to go along and see its 42-inch Plasma and 32-inch LCD televisions placed alongside several other comparable brands and models in a ‘masked’ study. We were there – we participated – from a blind survey of 400 industry people 74% ranked Philips Plasma first, and over 60% ranked the Philips LCD first based on overall picture quality. The products tested were 42 inch plasma screens from Philips, Panasonic, Pioneer and LG and the 32 inch LCD screens from Philips, Panasonic, JVC, Samsung and Sharp. Read More
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LG release a 71-inch HDTV Plasma Display

By - November 15, 2004 2 Pictures
November 16, 2004 LG Electronics have pushed the boundaries for home theatre with the announcement of a massive 71-inch high-definition (HDTV) monitor for use in Presidential Suites at premium hotels. Unveiled recently at the LG Electronics booth at the 2004 International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show, the 71-inch monitor is the first plasma display panel (PDP) measured in feet, not inches. Read More
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Philips' New Line Of Flat Plasma And LCD TVs.

By - October 3, 2004 4 Pictures
Philips Australia has announced the availability of the two largest Philips plasma televisions to date, the 50PF9966 and 42PF9966. At the same time, they've released eleven new look flat television solutions for every room in the home, with sizes that extend to 50 inches in Plasma and 42 inches in LCD TV. Highlighting key innovations in the new FlatTV range for 2004, these models feature Philips' own Ambilight and Pixel Plus 2 visual enhancing technologies. Philips is significantly extending its FlatTV range to match consumers' growing demand for flat, slim and widescreen televisions, modern design and advanced picture quality. Read More
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LG Electronics unveils 76-inch Plasma TV

By - October 14, 2003 1 Picture
Wednesday October 15, 2003: LG Electronics announced that it has developed the world's largest-screen plasma-display panel (PDP) TV at the Korea Electronics Show earlier this week. The 76-inch screen adds 5 inches of real-estate to the largest unit previously manufactured by LGE, and at just 83mm thick, its unlikely to shrink the seating capacity of your home theatre. Read More

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