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Plantronics BackBeat GO wireless earbuds

Going wireless usually involves some level of compromise and with Bluetooth earphones like anything else, it's a question of whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Does the convenience of cutting the cord trump the potential downside of a Bluetooth audio experience? We've been spending time with Plantronics BackBeat GO wireless earbuds in an effort to find out.  Read More

The Voyager PRO Bluetooth headset from Plantronics

Plantronics has earned a well-deserved reputation for sound quality with its Voyager series of Bluetooth headsets. While the latest addition to the line, the Voyager PRO, might come off second best in a beauty contest against trendier styled headsets such as the Aliph Jawbone PRIME, it could be hard to beat in the area that really matters – sound quality.  Read More

Sliding Boom

September 12, 2007 Plantronics have introduced a Bluetooth convertible mono to stereo headset for MP3 Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. The Voyager 855 headset offers a convertible design for listening to calls in mono as well as listening to music in stereo as headphones via a detachable stereo cable. Drop the second earbud or detach the cable and the headset serves as a high-quality mono Bluetooth device.  Read More

Plantronics' CS70N

May 4, 2007 Plantronics' latest wireless professional headset, the CS70N, incorporates noise-cancelling technology for clearer calls from up to 300 feet away from the receiver. Focusing on premium audio performance, style and comfort, the CS70N Wireless Headset System has been optimized for both traditional and IP telephony phones and provides office professionals with excellent hands-free mobility for increased accessibility and efficiency at work.  Read More

New Bluetooth Headsets Embody Sound Innovation

March 31, 2006 – In 1969, when Neil Armstrong's headset carried the historic first words from the moon: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” it was almost to predict that just a third of a century later, a significant proportion of the population would be wearing wireless headsets on a semi-permanenet basis. Once worn for mission-critical applications such as air traffic control, 911 dispatch, and and fighter pilots, the technology available in a Bluetooth headset for the mobile phone now considerably outstrips the most sophisticated headsets available regardless of cost just a decade ago, and continues to evolve rapidly. Plantronics will debut two new headsets next week at CTIA which push those boundaries. The US$150 Discovery 645 and US$80 Voyager 510 with WindSmart, both incorporate new technologies for audio clarity during conversations. The Voyager 510 is the first Bluetooth headset on the market to include both a noise-canceling microphone and wind-reduction technology for brilliant sound in windy environments. The Discovery 645 includes a digital signal processing (DSP) chip to actively reduce background noise when talking.  Read More

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