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2008 Peugeot Design Contest: tommorrow's urban commuters

By - October 23, 2008 25 Pictures
Peugeot has announced the winners of its 2008 Design Competition with RD, a morphing three-wheeler from 25 year old Columbian designer Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar claiming the top prize in what has once again proved to be an invigorating platform for futuristic automotive design. Now in its fifth year, the theme set down for this year's contest was to "imagine the Peugeot in the worldwide megopolis of tomorrow", a challenge the winning entry meets with a small footprint that gives it the scope to navigate narrow roads combined with the ability to shorten itself by folding upwards at a central hinge point in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Along with the €10,000 prize, the designer will see his vision produced in full-scale model form for the 2009 Shanghai Motor Show. Read More
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2008 Paris Motor Show round-up

By - October 19, 2008 1 Picture
As the curtain falls on the Paris Motor Show for 2008 we take a look back at some of the biggest surprises and brightest innovations to emerge from this massive global automotive extravaganza. As a starting point it's hard to go past Lamborghini, which emulated its 2007 most-talked-about crown by showing its Estoque concept. As a mid-engined four-door coupé with a V10 motor and permanent four-wheel drive, it's not really eco-inspired but a weapon to behold for the family man. Mazda definitely made our short-list for the most striking design with the aerodynamic Kiyora Urban compact and Citroen also floated some compelling concepts including the colorful Hypnos luxury hybrid crossover and the virtual-meets-real-world GTbyCITROEN which will appear on-screen in the next installment of Gran Turismo. Read More
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Peugeot's 3-wheel hybrid scooter concept puts a roof over your head

By - October 15, 2008 3 Pictures
October 15, 2008 It's not a car and it's not quite a scooter. Peugeot's HYmotion3 compressor concept vehicle is an original mix of previously seen design elements - a semi-enclosed shell akin to BMW's C1 or the Benelli Adiva and the carving 3-wheel layout of Piaggio's MP3 - with hybrid drivetrain technology added to produce a 2-person vehicle that promises low CO2 emissions as well as greater safety and weather protection than conventional scooters. Read More
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The Peugeot PROLOGUE hybrid

By - September 16, 2008 3 Pictures
September 16, 2008 It’s Paris Auto Show time again and not surprisingly, we’re seeing a rash of new announcements of concept cars and new production models. In a radical departure from the normal full disclosure of details, Peugeot has been quite circumspect in the information it has released about the PROLOGUE Concept due for a full unveiling in Paris. The 147kW (200 bhp) PROLOGUE, according to the press release “proposes an innovative combination of ideas at a number of different levels: its architecture, its style, its interior ambience, its modularity, its original high-tech equipment and also its new generation hybrid technology.” Read More
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Peugeot 888 Concept Car

By - September 1, 2008 7 Pictures
September 2, 2008 The Peugeot 888 Concept was conceived as the personal vehicle for the future Metropolis by Oskar Johansen (Norway). The all-electric two seater is designed to shorten its wheelbase for city driving by an ingenious hydraulic tilting system. This raises the driver in the cockpit for a better view, increases manouverability in narrow places making the car able to take a sharp u-turn, and enable the car to fit into smaller parking spaces. The 888 is one of the 23 finalists in the Fifth bi-annual Peugeot Design Competition which is now open for voting via the internet. Previous winners include such remarkable concepts as the Moonster (2001), 4002 (2003), Moovie (2005) and the Flux (2007). The competition is truly one of the highlights of the Motor Show season every second year because the winning project actually gets built by the team at Peugeot. Check out the full 23 finalists here. Read More
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H2Origin demonstrator vehicle achieves 300km range

By - April 22, 2008 4 Pictures
April 23, 2008 A three year collaborative research project by PSA Peugeot Citroën and fuel cell specialist Intelligent Energy has born fruit in the form of the H2Origin demonstrator vehicle, a battery-electric vehicle that uses a specially designed hydrogen fuel cell to triple its range to an impressive 300km (186 miles). The hydrogen storage system developed for the zero-emission demonstrator vehicle, which is based on the Peugeot Partner Origin van, is compact enough to squeeze under the bonnet and utilizes a swappable storage rack of compressed hydrogen tanks that slide out the rear, by-passing the need for a conventional fuel station and therefore simplifying the infrastructure needed to make hydrogen-powered vehicles a commercial reality. Read More
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Peugeot upgrades its in-dash audio/visual/navigation system

By - November 26, 2007 4 Pictures
November 27, 2007 Peugeot has announced an upgrade to its audio/visual/navigation system. The RT4 Multimedia system, launching shortly on selected 207 models throughout the UK, features a road-proof 30GB hard drive for up to 180 hours of MP3 music tracks, pictures and videos, as well as full color satellite navigation with mapping covering Western Europe and the TMC traffic information system. Happily, it's also significantly cheaper than its predecessor. Read More
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Peugeot's Second Life showcase

By - September 9, 2007 6 Pictures
September 10, 2007 Second Life hosts 7000 businesses and boasts a GDP of $64 million (as of September 2006) and with estimates of this year's GDP running as high as $600 million, it's no surprise that the corporate world is making its presence felt. The latest foray by car manufacturer Peugeot, will see the company presenting a virtual showcase of its new 308 RC Z concept car on September 11. Read More
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Peugeot 308 SW Prologue Concept

By - September 2, 2007 1 Picture
September 2, 2007 Peugeot will provide a preview of the new 308 at the Frankfurt International Motorshow under the guise of the 308 SW Prologue. Equipped with an additive-enhanced diesel particulate filter system (DPFS), that reduces CO2 emissions, the 308 SW Prologue combines the strengths of the new 308 hatchback with innovative SW features like the new “wrap-around” rear end which allows for the installation of a third row of seats and improves rear vision. Read More
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Peugeot set to unveil 308 RC Z concept car

By - July 30, 2007 19 Pictures
July 31, 2007 One of the highlights of the upcoming 2007 Frankfurt IAA motor show in September is sure to be the Peugeot 308 RC Z concept car. The brutish, muscular looks of the 2x2 hatchback coupe are unashamedly reminiscent of the Audi TT, and Peugeot is using the concept to test the waters on a sporty variant of the standard 308. While the company points out that the aim of the RC Z, like any concept, is "to pioneer technical and styling ideas free from the constraints of volume production", the fact that it shares so many components with the existing hatchback hints that the RC Z might be quite close to production-ready. So the response it receives at Frankfurt, the world's largest motor show, could be very telling. Read More

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