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Pepper Spray

— Mobile Technology

Spraytect smartphone case delivers a shot of pepper spray

By - October 29, 2012 5 Pictures
When Scott McPherson’s daughter was heading off to college, he wanted to make sure that she’d have a personal protection device with her at all times. Given that most young people are never without their smartphone – and they always have it within easy reach – he did the obvious, and created an iPhone 4/4S case with a built-in pepper spray canister. It’s now available for purchase, in the form of the Spraytect case. Read More
— Good Thinking

South African bank arms ATMs with pepper spray, blinds employees

By - July 26, 2009 1 Picture
Who’d want to work for a bank in South Africa? If violent attacks on ATMs weren’t enough – more than 500 were bombed last year – then the ATMs themselves start turning on you. In a desperate attempt to stem the growing tide of crime, Absa Bank fitted pepper spray to 11 cash machines in Western Cape, a popular tourist area. But, so far, the spray has only prevented three maintenance workers from doing their jobs. Read More

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