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Pentax launches MX-1 enthusiast-level compact

By - January 14, 2013 8 Pictures
The days when the handy pocket snapper was the weapon of choice for grabbing a quick photo or two have all-but gone, thanks largely to the increasingly capable cameras on the ubiquitous smartphone. Manufacturers looking to tempt folks into buying a dedicated compact camera are having to up their game a notch or two and offer consumers top quality sensors and powerful image processors, more manual control over the end result, and a little more style and finesse. Such is the case with the new vintage-styled MX-1 from Pentax Ricoh Imaging, featuring brass top and bottom plates, a dedicated exposure compensation dial in addition to the mode selection dial, and supporting both RAW and JPEG image formats. Read More
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Entry and Mid-Range DSLR Comparison Guide 2012

By - December 19, 2012 38 Pictures
After a couple of years ruling the roost as the default go-to for photographers wanting a step-up from their point-and-shoot, DSLRs are now facing increased competition from mirrorless cameras. As a result manufacturers are having to up their game and in 2012 we've seen DSLRs gain improved performance and a number of new features. Our 2012 Entry and Mid-Range DSLR Comparison Guide is designed to help you pick the best new DSLR for you. Read More
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Pentax K-30: Weather-resistant and dustproof mid-range DSLR

By - May 23, 2012 11 Pictures
Professional DSLRs like the Nikon D4 and the Canon EOS-1D X are hard-as-nails devices which can take a battering and operate in the toughest of conditions. Users with more modest cameras however, have to be a little more considerate about where and when they shoot. In the middle of a torrential downpour for example, not a good idea … normally. The Pentax K-30 is a mid-level DSLR which packs weather-resistance and dustproofing into an entry-level sized camera. Read More
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Pentax Ricoh and Marc Newson create new K-01 camera with world's thinnest interchangeable lens

By - February 6, 2012 9 Pictures
Pentax Ricoh and acclaimed designer Marc Newson have joined forces to create a new 16 megapixel mirrorless camera and a new pancake lens that's claimed to be the world's thinnest interchangeable lens. The Pentax K-01 interchangeable lens camera (pronounced "kay zero one") is also said to be compatible with over 25 million previously-produced Pentax K-mount lenses. Read More
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Pentax claims world’s smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera crown

By - June 27, 2011 11 Pictures
Pentax has announced the first pocket-friendly interchangeable lens camera to sport its new bayonet lens mount. The company says that its Q mount is about a third less in diameter than the more familiar K-mount, thanks to a reduction in the distance from the lens mount surface to the image sensor and by tweaking the size of the lens image circle to be proportionate to the sensor. The Pentax Q also makes use of a compact camera-sized sensor and sacrifices the onboard optical viewfinder, mirror box, focusing plate and autofocus sensor to help keep proportions to a minimum - making it about the same size as my Umbra credit card case. Other features of note include a programmable dial on the front for quick access to frequently-used settings, the ability to shoot full high definition video and a built-in flash that can pop up to help reduce red-eye. Read More
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Pentax O-GPS1 unit tracks both Heaven and Earth

By - June 7, 2011 4 Pictures
A new GPS module designed for use with the latest digital SLR cameras from Pentax could help photographers who like to capture shots of the heavens avoid annoying star trails on long exposure shots. As well as adding earth-bound location information to images, the weather-resistant O-GPS1 unit also tracks the location and movement of celestial bodies and, with the help of the shake reduction system within the camera, shifts the image sensor in sync with the movement of the stars and planets. Read More
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HDR and HD video for under $200 with the Optio S1 digital compact

By - March 4, 2011 5 Pictures
The new Optio S1 brings High Dynamic Range functionality to a Pentax compact snapper for the first time. The pocket camera also features a 14 megapixel CCD sensor, wide-angle optical zoom lens and high sensitivity. You'll also get high definition video recording with a dedicated movie button, translucent control buttons, and a selection of modes and settings designed to help users get the best shot with ease. The best news, though, is that all of this compact power comes under the US$200 radar. Read More
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Pentax gets super sensitive with its K-5 digital SLR

By - September 22, 2010 7 Pictures
Hot on the heels of the K-r digital SLR, Pentax has revealed the next in line for the flagship position currently occupied by the K-7. Like its predecessor, the new K-5 is aimed at the pro-thusiast and features a 16.3 megapixel sensor, an immense sensitivity range, fast autofocus and full 1080p high definition video recording. It also sports 77 weather seals to keep dust and moisture out and its magnesium alloy construction should help it survive the odd knock. Read More
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Pentax to release mid-range K-r digital SLR

By - September 13, 2010 9 Pictures
Pentax went color crazy when it released the K-x digital SLR. The company now offers 12 different colors ranging from olive green to pink to orange. Things seems to have calmed down a little for its latest release, with the K-r only coming in three colors. The new addition features a 12.4 megapixel sensor, huge sensitivity range and six frames per second continuous shooting. It's also capable of capturing 720p high definition video and benefits from a dual power design. Read More

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