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Paris Motor Show

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Paris Motor Show highlights: Honda's new Insight hybrid

By - October 8, 2008 4 Pictures
Few would argue with the environmental and economic benefits of hybrid vehicles, but despite an avalanche of concept cars that utilize either hybrid or fully-electric drivetrains in recent times, the cost of actually buying one of the few models that have thus far made it to market remains prohibitively high. This situation is set to change rapidly over the next five years and Honda has fired one of the first shots in the expected hybrid price war with the unveiling of its new gasoline-electric Insight at the Paris Motor Show. The 'affordable family hybrid concept' is expected to be very close to the production version slated to hit the U.S. market next year at a price of under $20K, nudging out the Toyota Prius (around USD$23K) as the cheapest hybrid on the market. Read More
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NuVu: Nissan's compelling urban EV concept

By - October 7, 2008 44 Pictures
Nissan has produced some very interesting concept cars in recent years – the Denki Cube, Pivo, Mixim and Pivo 2 just to name a few. Shown in Paris for the first time last weekend, the NuVu is a compact electric car specifically designed to make traveling comfortable in a gridlocked city. The idea is one of a moving urban oasis, with its own tree inside which provides shade for the interior, and generates solar energy via its ‘leaves.’ By-wire steering, unique 2+1 seating, a fast-charging Li-Ion battery system and a rear-mounted electric motor delivering a range of 125 kms and top speed of 120 km/h are among the key features of the Concept which, while not destined for production in its current form, is intended to showcase how a Nissan EV might look and what technology it might contain beyond 2010 when the company begins rolling-out electric cars in Japan and the US. Read More
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Paris highlights: VW presents the Golf Mk VI GTI Concept

By - October 6, 2008 6 Pictures
The sixth generation of the Golf GTI has been unveiled in concept form at the Paris Motor Show, providing a taste of things to come when the vehicle enters production in spring 2009. Volkswagen says the concept retains the key elements of the original Mk I GTI launched in '76 - sharp dynamics, style and practicality - while introducing advances in drivetrain and chassis technology such as an electronic limited slip differential (XDS) linked to a sophisticated ESP (Electronic Stabilization Programme) system, a first for the GTI. Read More
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Lamborghini shows 4-door 4-seater super sedan

By - October 4, 2008 5 Pictures
October 5, 2008 Lamborghini sprang the surprise of the Paris Show with the Lamborghini Estoque 4-door 4-seater super sedan. Deigned to be driven more regularly than the current Lambborghini Gallardo or Murcielago product lines, the Estoque is an instant contender in the Gran Turismo category currently dominated by Ferrari and Maserati. Propelled to a top speed of 170 mph by a 552 bhp V10 motor, the car comes with the refinement of its Audi stablemate dual-clutch sequential manual transmission. This thing really looks like a projectile and it is positively huge with its five metre length and considerable mass supported by massive 22-inch wheels on the front and 23-inch on the back. A likely third product line from Lamborghini, the car could hit showrooms by 2011 with a likely price tag similar to the Gallardo. Read More
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GTbyCITROEN brings Gran Turismo 5 to life

By - October 2, 2008 7 Pictures
It may be destined for the game console rather than the garage, but the GTbyCITROËN concept is still one of the most outlandish examples of automotive design to emerge from the 2008 Paris Motor Show where it's making its global debut. The car is the result of a collaboration between Citroën and the creators of Gran Turismo and will appear in its virtual form in the 5th installment of the popular Playstation game. The imposing real world version stands at five meters long and features a wrap around windscreen, gullwing doors, huge air intakes and an over-sized, mobile rear spoiler. Not surprisingly for a car inspired by a computer game, tech specifications for the GTbyCITROËN are a little light on, although within the game it will do its bit for the promotion of greener motoring with a fuel cell powered electric drive train that's totally emissions free (apart from the electricity running the console of course). Read More
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Paris debut for Kia Soul Hybrid concept

By - September 25, 2008 3 Pictures
The Soul Hybrid concept will be one of four world premiers from Kia at the Paris Motor show next week. Powered by Kia’s Gamma 1.6-liter petrol engine combined with a 15 kW, 105 Nm AC synchronized electric motor and the company's CVT (continuously variable transmission), the concept promises fuel efficiency of 57.6 mpg and CO2 emissions of 117 g/km. Read More
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The Peugeot PROLOGUE hybrid

By - September 16, 2008 3 Pictures
September 16, 2008 It’s Paris Auto Show time again and not surprisingly, we’re seeing a rash of new announcements of concept cars and new production models. In a radical departure from the normal full disclosure of details, Peugeot has been quite circumspect in the information it has released about the PROLOGUE Concept due for a full unveiling in Paris. The 147kW (200 bhp) PROLOGUE, according to the press release “proposes an innovative combination of ideas at a number of different levels: its architecture, its style, its interior ambience, its modularity, its original high-tech equipment and also its new generation hybrid technology.” Read More
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Mercedes-Benz ConceptFASCINATION design study

By - September 12, 2008 7 Pictures
The latest design study from Mercedes-Benz is Concept FASCINATION - and it looks pretty swish. Under its skin, the highly-sculpted hatchback coupé is based on E-Class technology with drive provided by a new four-cylinder BlueTEC diesel engine which develops 150 kW/ 204 hp from a displacement of 2.2 liters. It's mostly about the looks though. Designed to pull on the heartstrings of coupé lovers with a healthy dose of practical usability thrown in, the concept makes extensive use of luxurious hand-crafted materials on the inside including a load compartment made of wood with brushed aluminum protective rails and built-in refrigerator and humidor. From the outside the car's dynamic profile is highlighted by its forward-sloping rear, glass roof, frameless side-windows, an eye-catching front apron and slightly new take on the dual headlight theme. Read More
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Four-door MINI with a twist

By - September 11, 2008 1 Picture
Previews from the upcoming Paris Motor Show keep rolling in, this time from MINI in the form what it calls a 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 Crossover Concept design study - four doors, four drive wheels, four single seats and four meters long. With the wheels pushed to the corners and familiar styling it looks like a MINI, but the unique four is the doors - three of the doors are stock standard but the rear drivers' side door slides backwards. The rear door also swivels to one side to ease process of getting your gear into a MINI which boasts more storage space than any other. If the reaction to the debut is positive there's a good chance it will hit the showroom floor in the not too distant future. Read More
— Automotive

Renault to reveal high-end Ondelios concept (UPDATED - NEW IMAGES)

By - September 10, 2008 32 Pictures
Renault has placed the emphasis on style, interior space and long-haul comfort in its new luxury crossover concept offering which is set to debut at the Paris Motor Show next month. The 15.7 feet (4.8 m) long, 5.2 feet (1.6 m) high Ondelios - the name being an amalgam of the French 'onde' (wave) and 'helios' (the Greek god of the sun) - is powered by a by a hybrid system combining a 205hp (150kW) version of the 2.0 dCi engine with two 20kW electric motors at the front and rear which give it the capability of a 4WD vehicle. The initial pics reveal the standout elements of the design - a striking inset aluminum-finish grille, inwardly curved tail lights, seven-spoke, 23-inch aluminum alloy wheels and butterfly-style side doors hinged to the roof to enable easy access to the three rows of seats. There's also plenty of technological goodies on show including a collaboration with Samsung that lets the driver use a cell phone to unlock the door and engage personal settings like seat-adjustment and music. Read More

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