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Pantech unveils bone conduction mobile phone handset

By - October 21, 2007 1 Picture
October 22, 2007 Korean handset manufacturer Pantech have unveiled a bone conduction mobile phone that transmits sound to the inner ear using vibration. Not only does the ongoing emergence of bone conduction technology represent a solution for using phones in noisy environments, but it’s also a boon for the elderly or those suffering hearing loss for whom the use of conventional speaker phones is problematic. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Pantech dual-LCD sliding phone with OLED touch screen keypad offering tactile feedback

By - May 8, 2007 2 Pictures
May 9, 2007 Korean handset manufacturer Pantech will launch its new IM-R200 dual-LCD sliding phone onto the Korean market this month. The IM-R200 comes equipped with two screens – a 2 inch 260K QVGA TFT main display and a 1.6 inch 260K OLED touch-sensitive screen which replaces the standard keypad. When the phone is opened, the virtual keypad shows up on the touch-sensitive 1.6” 260K OLED LCD, allowing users to dial numbers and view contacts with the stroke of a finger. The advantage is that the touch screen keypad offers a fun and easy way to use its multimedia applications with separate and virtual interfaces for each function. For example, the touch sensitive LCD displays various lists of songs when the phone is used as a music player, while it shows camera functions when used as a camera. The capacitive touch screen vibrates when pressed, offering tactile feedback to give the feel of real buttons. Read More
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Pantech's outrageously different ‘Auto Pop-up Display’ satellite DMB Phone

By - September 5, 2006 2 Pictures
September 6, 2006 South Korea’s Pantech Group today announced the launch of the IM-U140 handset, a satellite digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) handset that provides users with a genuinely unique mobile phone experience via its innovative design. With DMB, the phone obviously receives television but it has an interesting arsenal of features including four channel stereo speakers, a 3 megapixel camera with an image stabilization mode, MP3 player and TV-OUT and FM transmitter functionality meaning it can play the MP3s it contains on your car radio f’rinstance. Finally, the QVGA 262K colour TFT LCD display is designed to pop up automatically at a 30 degree angle and the touch screen vibrates when touched, enhancing the overall unique feel of the phone. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Pantech's 3x2x1 inch PN-218 for U.S.

By - August 17, 2006 3 Pictures
August 18, 2006 If you fancy one of those incredibly small Pantech PN-218 CDMA handsets and live in the U.S., the news is that they’ll be available via Alltel in short order. The PN-218 is just 3.02 inches long, 2.15 inches wide and 0.96 inches thick with the flip closed, has a VGA camera with flash and digital zoom, a Ringtone shuffler, high-speed data transmission and picture/ringtone Caller ID. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Pantech introduces Touch Wheel Music Phone

By - May 14, 2006 3 Pictures
May 15, 2006 Korean mobile phone company Pantech is about to launch a "Touch Wheel Music Phone." The trendy new PG-3600V slider phone has a touch wheel sensor, that enables easy navigation by allowing users to sweep the wheel key with their fingers. Targeted at the younger, ‘digital generation’, the touch wheel offers an easy-to-use function for tracking songs, a zoom function for capturing images or tracking recorded movies, and moving menu bars. The phone also has a video editing application, the first time such functionality has been installed on a GSM handset. The phone also features a 1.3 mega pixel camera. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Pantech launches 5 MPX camera phone and F2F handheld videoconferencing phone

By - November 30, 2005 4 Pictures
December 1, 2005 South Korea’s second biggest mobile phone manufacturer, Pantech, has announced plans for the launch of two new models onto the Korean market: the IM-8600 5 mega-pixel camera phone and the IM-8700 F2F (‘face-to-face’) telephony handset. The IM-8600 is a rotating clamshell 5 mega-pixel camera phone with what Pantech claims is a revolutionary Meca Shutter camera technology which controls the amount of light used during the photographic process, enabling a far sharper, more defined quality of picture. The IM-8700 F2F telephony handset is a major step forward, in making real time, high quality video communication by phone a reality. It features an exceptional 10 frames per second (fps) imaging speed, with a sizeable 2.2 inch screen, allowing users to have a faster, more interactive communications experience with other callers. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Pantech Set To Introduce Smallest, Lightest Ever Handset

By - October 11, 2005 2 Pictures
October 12th, 2005: Pantech today announced plans to introduce its new A1405PT handset to the Japanese market. The new CDMA handset, which will be rolled out to Japanese consumers via Pantech’s partnership with the Japanese telecom operator KDDI will be the smallest, lightest mobile phone ever launched in Japan, weighing just 98g with a slim, compact design. The A1405PT model contains a number of unique features, including a stream screen, which displays text messages on the exterior LCD screen like a stream, and a security alarm, which makes a loud sound when the alarm button on the phone is pressed. Read More

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