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Space-saving oven with an elevator and the door on the bottom

October 16, 2005 Isn’t it silly that when you see a good design you woinder why people haven’t thought of it before. That was the reaction we had when we first saw the latest oven from Siemens - an oven with a completely new design that’s very easy to operate, remarkably energy efficient and creates space-saving possibilities for kitchen designers. The liftMatic mounts on the wall like a cabinet and is filled from below. With the liftMatic, food is always at eye level. Professionals and hobby cooks no longer have to stoop, and they can reach the cooked food from three sides. With the push of a button, the oven floor moves gently down and then returns to the upper position. If it meets an obstruction in the process, such as a pot or a glass below it, the oven floor automatically stops.  Read More

Sharp Introduces Superheated Steam Oven

With a society increasingly demanding healthier ways of cooking, Sharp may have served up just the dish. They have unveiled a Superheated Steam Oven that it claims will enable low calorie cooking by roasting foods using water. The Electric Superheated Steam Oven features a newly developed Superheated Steam Generator that bathes food in a spray of superheated steam to provide low-calorie cooking as well as removing excess fat and salt from foods, while retaining vitamins.  Read More

Advanced oven cooks up to five times quicker

Combining thermal, convection, and microwave energies, GE's range of Profile ovens promise a highly efficient, automated cooking process that's both versatile and significantly faster than ovens that use only one cooking method.  Read More

Oven that thinks it's a Refrigerator

The Polara range of ovens from Whirlpool combines the two most incompatible kitchen appliances - it's an oven that acts like a fridge.  Read More

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