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Top 10 outdoor gadgets and wearables of 2015

Sure, you can still enjoy the great outdoors with the tried-and-true gear you've been using since the 70s, but there's some pretty cool high-tech gadgetry being designed for the likes of trekkers, skiers, surfers and trail runners these days, and there's nothing shameful about updating your gear list with a touch of cutting-edge tech and design. Whether you're looking for helpful tools to jumpstart a New Year's resolution of getting outside more or shopping for the outdoor junkie in your life, these gadgets are sure to result in fresh air and big fun.
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Outdoor Technology's Armadillo wireless speaker pumps up the volume

Outdoor Technology has been growing its line of wireless audio products quite steadily. After success on Kickstarter, it launched its funky Turtle Shell speaker last year? It showed off several new wireless headphones and speakers at CE Week last month and is preparing to launch the Armadillo speaker, which doubles the size and intensity of the Turtle. Read More

Mobile Technology

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active vs. Galaxy S4

Samsung's mobile approach is simple: make a device in every conceivable size, for every conceivable price point, and for every conceivable demographic. So it shouldn't be too big of a surprise to see a new Galaxy aimed at the rugged, outdoorsy set. The Galaxy S4 Active is a niche device for sure, but, fortunately, it also has some promising features under the hood. Let's see how its specs (and other features) compare to the standard Galaxy S4.Read More

Turtle Shell wireless speaker for bicycles and beyond

The Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell speaker, which was announced at CES in January, is edging closer to availability. Last week, Outdoor Technology showed the model at the Interbike trade show and launched a Kickstarter campaign designed to get the speaker into cyclists' hands by next month. Read More


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