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Cooking up innovation: Top BBQ tech for 2014

By - March 16, 2014 46 Pictures
Gathering around a pit of intense heat and vigilantly turning pieces of food at perfectly-timed intervals, otherwise known as barbecuing, has to be one of man's longest and most widely-held traditions. But from singed steaks to chorizo sausages and wood chips to propane, everybody has a slightly different take on how to deliver the perfect feast. As the warmer months approach for many of our readers, and neighbors, friends and family prepare to don their aprons and fire up the grill, Gizmag has smoked out 10 outdoor entertaining innovations that will ensure your backyard cook-up is not one to be missed. Read More
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Backyard drive-in: the 16-ft inflatable outdoor screen

By - December 3, 2008 4 Pictures
Looking to add some open-air ambience to your next big screen gathering? While outdoor TVs are the most obvious option, inflatable projection screens present an attractive alternative in terms of affordability, portability and size - which is where Open Air Cinema's gargantuan new Inflatable Movie Screen comes in. Tailored for home use, the 16ft x 9ft screen weighs less than 20 pounds when deflated, withstands winds of up to 20mph and inflates in seconds using the included blower to deliver a 220" diagonal projection surface. The catch - you may have to build your own grandstand. Read More
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The world's largest portable TV... and a new advertising medium

By - April 30, 2008 1 Picture
May 1, 2008 Media sells its audience. Regardless of how the media assembles the audience, the profile, size and engagement of the audience is the value the media offers advertisers, which effectively means Big Moving Pictures’ fleet of rolling mobile Light-Emitting-Diode screen displays constitutes a new advertising medium. The company is mounting massive (40 x 22 ft) HDTV LED displays on trucks so it can engage audiences of 100,000+ at major outdoor events (such as air shows and auto racing) in a new way. To be built using the brightest technology available, MEGASCREENS are the biggest and most powerful LED-based display solution yet devised. Read More
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Sunbrite's 46 inch 1080p full-HD outdoor TV

By - April 21, 2008 1 Picture
April 22, 2008 This isn’t the first outdoor TV we’ve covered – and it's unlikely to be the last. The new 4610HD from SunBrite is a 46-inch all-weather LCD television which, like previous models, is designed with a corrosion resistant, powder-coated aluminum exterior that protects the internal TV components from rain, dirt, insects, and extreme temperature ranges. Now hammock potatoes can enjoy their outdoor viewing in full HD as the 4610HD is SunBrite’s first full 1080p full-HD model. It also features a baffled and filtered dual-fan airflow system to quietly keep the unit cool in temperatures up to 122 degrees F while, in extremely cold climates, the internal thermostatically-controlled heater activates automatically when the TV’s internal temperature dips to 32 degrees F, allowing the TV to safely remain outdoors in temperatures as low as -24 degrees F. Read More
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Runco release 42-inch outdoor flat-panel LCD

By - October 23, 2007 1 Picture
October 24, 2007 Feel the need for some fresh air but don’t want to miss your favorite TV show? Joining an emerging trend towards televisions geared to take the rigors of exposure to outdoor environments, Runco has released their first flat-panel weatherproof LCD display. The 42-inch WP-42HD features a 1366 x 768 native resolution panel housed in a weatherproof enclosure which ensures protection from adverse environmental conditions including temperature, exposure to moisture, dust, oils and intermittent direct water spray. Read More

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