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Orange makes music theory learning more engaging with Musicboard

By - January 21, 2015 2 Pictures
As students of music will doubtless agree, music theory can be a bit, well, dry. It's certainly not as memorable or interesting as getting to grips with an actual instrument, but it is rewarding. The education wing of instrument amplification titan Orange Amps has announced what's billed as the first truly interactive music theory teaching tool in the world. The Orange Musicboard has been designed to engage students both visually and aurally, and is set to make music theory class rock. Read More
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Orange Amps expands OPC family

By - January 29, 2014 4 Pictures
Orange Amplification has announced the arrival of OPC triplets. For the Mark IV release, Orange has divided its musician's computer into Studio, Professional and Ultimate editions, each coming with the same impressive suite of player-friendly software, but packing slightly different hardware configurations. Read More
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Review: The OPC musician's computer/amp from Orange Amps

By - March 15, 2012 39 Pictures
The first OPC from Orange Amps was made available in August 2010 and we've been closely following its development ever since. The bundled musician-related software has remained pretty much the same since launch but the musician's computer was given a serious hardware upgrade towards the close of 2011, and it's the new Core i7 system which I've been getting to know over the past few weeks. I've also managed to discuss some of the finer details with the driving force behind the OPC, and its lead developer, Charlie Cooper. Read More
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Orange Amps upgrades OPC specs, reduces cost

By - December 19, 2011 3 Pictures
The combined computer and guitar amp introduced by Orange Amps last year - and which subsequently found itself being used in a successful Guinness World Record attempt by fingerboard speed king Tiago Della Vega - has just had some of its internals upgraded, and been given a bit a price cut, too. The Windows 7 OPC is now available with up to Core i7 processing power and 8GB of DDR3 RAM, USB 3.0 port connectivity and hundred of dollars worth of bundled music-related software. Read More
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Orange Amps about to launch amp/PC combo

By - June 10, 2010 5 Pictures
At last, a product is on the horizon which combines two of my passions - playing guitar and fiddling with computers. Renowned amplification specialist Orange Amps has just announced the forthcoming availability of its OPC. Users will not only get a genuine 15W per channel stereo Orange guitar amplifier, but also a fully working personal computer running Windows 7, with some top music software thrown in for good measure. Read More

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