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Optimus Pad LTE becomes LG's first LTE-capable tablet

By - January 18, 2012 4 Pictures
Since the release of the G-Slate and Optimus Pad last year, tablet offerings from LG have been pretty thin on the ground. Now the company has announced it will be releasing its first LTE-capable tablet in its homeland next week. The Optimus Pad LTE is powered by a Qualcomm 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and comes running Android 3.2 (Honeycomb). It also features the same True HD IPS technology that debuted on LG's Optimus LTE smartphone but with the 1280 x 720 pixel resolution now spread over 8.9-inches worth of display. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Europe to be first for LG's Optimus Black Android smartphone

By - May 16, 2011 9 Pictures
Following previews at CES 2011 and the Mobile World Congress, and boasting pre-orders from 56 network carriers in 50 different countries, LG is set to debut its Optimus Black smartphone in Europe. Slimmer (just) than an iPhone 4, the Optimus Black features a 1GHz processor, front and rear facing cameras, runs on Android 2.2 and its world first 700-nit "NOVA" IPS LCD promises better outdoor visibility, more natural colors and true blacks and whites. Read More
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Reflectius clock tells time with a single laser

By - April 11, 2010 3 Pictures
Ever since the first sundial cast its shadow we've been looking for new and inventive ways to tell the time. Timepieces that talk to you, use LED lights instead of numbers and spell out the time in words are just some of the results, and although the Reflectius concept from Art Lebedev Studio (think Optimus keyboard) uses a standard digital readout as the display, the way it achieves this is anything but standard. Read More

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